Russian Mail Order Brides Cost: Understanding the Factors Involved

Updated on Mar 2023

Last Updated on March 16, 2023

Talking about the price of the ladies, it means the expenses on the dating process and pre-dating moments. The Russian mail order brides cost does not mean the price of the lady herself. Besides, a lot of men are dreaming about buying Russian ladies without extra worries during the dating period.

Truly, the cost of mail order brides Russian is high, as the ladies are popular and excellent in marriage. Those women are perfect females. The appearance of this woman is stunning and genuinely natural. Family relationships are the most appreciated in that region.

To make it better, the price of the mail order girls is high, as women like to communicate with foreigners. The online dating website is one of the most popular ways to meet love from Russia. Several years ago, partners from foreign countries visited Russia, but the situation has changed. Thus, the online dating website tends to be the only and true way of determining the value of meeting mail order girls from Russia.

The average price for mail order girls from Russia is $4,000 to $25,000. The prices are vulnerable and flexible, as they contain a lot of stages, which you may exclude. The price is individual. To get into details, read the next information.

Russian Mail Order Brides: How Much Do They Cost?

This question has several stages. Keep information about all the stages in mind and consider them during the dating period. Some of the elements you may exclude, while the other is necessary to include.

Cost Of Finding Russian Brides

In order to meet love from Russia, you have to make some efforts. First of all, it is about the way of meeting you are choosing. To make it shorter, there are three main ways to meet ladies from Russia of different costs:

  1. Dating sites. It is the nicest option you can only use to meet mail order girls. Those sites are specialized in international dating and local relationships. This way is faster than the others. However, at first sight, you may think it is more expensive. But, whether to take into consideration all expenses in the other ways, dating sites will be cheaper.
  2. Marriage agency. You pay the cost of meeting mail order girls. However, the period of the meeting may take a long period of time, during which you have to pay money under the contract. Russian mail bride cost is more expensive and lasts there.
  3. Traditional offline meeting. This way of dating can be costly or cheap. It all depends on your desires and goals. For example, you may spend the whole cash to meet the lady of your heart or save that money for offline dating. The traditional meeting includes traveling expenses, the time you spend on meeting love, and other extra expenses, which you may save with online dating sites.

Russian Mail Order Brides Cost

Who Can Buy Russian Mail Order Brides?

To start with, this option is available for men and women from the whole world. The modern world has no exceptions and limits. Mail order girls are accessible for men from different corners of the world.

The way of meeting designates the circle of men, who can meet ladies. Besides, girls from Russia are ready to communicate with different men. European, Asian, American, and even Latin partners have the chance to meet Russian brides for sale.

There can be only limits to using online dating sites. For instance, some of them allow only singles, who are over eighteen years old to use the website. In some platforms, you have to undergo the verification process, during which access can be limited.

Average Cost Of Russian Mail Order Brides Online

The average prices you read in the first paragraph. As you see, the price scope can be too different. The price depends on what you choose and include in your dating activities. There are some options, which you may include in the mail order bride pricing.

All that prices have been claimed for online dating websites. Some stages you may avoid, but to get the nicest result, opt for all of them.

Fees For Using Online Dating Sites

The payment for using the dating platforms you have to include into the expense of meeting fiancées. The prices are different and influence the value of expenses greatly. As a rule, top dating platforms work on the mixed bases of free and paid services.

  • Free registration
  • Several days free of charges
  • Certain means of communication are free as well
  • To get access to the unlimited services, you have to pay for it

You may find fully free dating websites as well, but the quality and reliability of the services are under question there.

To make it more clear, online dating websites use two payment systems. They do not increase or decrease the cost of meeting mail order brides significantly, but you have to be aware of them.

  1. Credit system. As for the main part of the users, this way is nice and excellent. You may save money using the credits on your own. The credit system designates the cost of every service in the credit currency. For instance, 2 credits per hour of chat. Then you think if you need it. Also, the users may buy credits as they want. There is no duty to buy it every month or other period.
  2. Subscriptions. This way costs more and less popular among mail order girls from Russia. Every month you have to buy a subscription to the website. It doesn’t matter whether you have used the website during the previous month. Russian brides cost grow with that system. As a result, extra expenses will find you.

As for the pretty Russian ladies, they like to use the credit system. It is cheaper and flexible. Spend money only when you use the community, but not all the time.


This moment is one of the most desirable and worrying at the same time. Ladies from Russia are really impulsive ladies. They want to meet their partner after several dates. It makes sense in strong relationships. But, it also will affect the price.

Try to plan in advance the value of traveling from your country to the Russian girls’ home. Include to the expenses:

  • meals,
  • entertainment
  • accommodation
  • insurance
  • visa expenses
  • extra expenses

A Russian mail order wife price for the dates can be different. It depends on the type of mail order bride you choose. However, try to plan more expenses.

Taking Bride To Your Country

In case everything is perfect, you have to take the lady to your country to meet friends, relatives and so on. In that case, the cost of Russian mail order brides will rise a lot. Russian mail order women need more time and services than men. Hence, double your price.

On the other part of the price, you have to bring gifts, like flowers, different sweets, and other stuff. Make the presents regularly to get right into the heart of the Russian mail order women.

Find Russian Women

How Much Is A Russian Bride Offline?

The price of offline meetings is higher. Despite seeking the online dating website to meet Russian brides, you will buy tickets on the flight to Russia. It takes a lot of time, expenses, and effort. This way is especially expensive if you will leave your work for that period of time.

The period of time is unknown as well. Each next day will make the Russian mail order wife cost bigger and bigger. Hence, it will be hard for you to make a Russian bride price list in advance.

The price of dating Russian mail orders girls offline can be decreased on the sum you spend on the tickets. As you come to the country, you will stay there, so there is no need to buy extra tickets.

To conclude, it is not cheaper to meet ladies offline. Russian women for marriage will value you the same as it was online. In both cases, you cannot make a certain price list in advance.

How To Find Russian Women Online?

There are a lot of ways and chances to make it today. To save money, use online dating websites. The pre-dating stage can be partially or even totally free. The algorithm of actions is simple, as it has the next levels:

  1. Find a reliable dating site to meet a Russian wife.
  2. Sign up and make a profile to use the community with those women for marriage.
  3. Make your profile creative and cool. It has to be informative and accessible. Just the mail order bride should open the profile and get shocked with the quality.
  4. Searching and matchmaking options are useful to meet mail order girls in a short time. As a rule, all these stages value nothing.
  5. Seek for an ideal mail order bride and communicate with her.

All these steps depend only on you and your efforts. Just try to follow all the recommendations and all will be nice. How much does a Russian wife cost? This question you have to ask before signing up on the dating site.

The perfect website will provide you with a transparent policy of use and information about payments and other expenses.

Cost Of Online Dating Sites To Meet Russian Bride

There are different categories of online dating websites. Let’s see the three cheapest. How much do Russian mail order brides cost? The prices clarify on the communities, as they may change from time to time a little bit.

The Cheapest Sites To Meet Russian Brides

Check the next communities to face with the lowest value.

  • FindRussiaBrides. Meet ladies there for truly low prices. The services are excellent, while the experience of this dating site is great. It is the right source to find foreign wife. No specific services, but excellent prices.
  • DateUkrainianGirl. This dating website is popular in Eastern countries, like Ukraine, Russia, and Poland. Find future Russian wives there for a low price. The policy of use is transparent, which means you can use the website for a long period of time. But, there are no specific features, like gifts or something like that, on the website.
  • MeetNiceRussian. Low cost and perfect chances make this community excellent to find Russian excellent mail order girls.

The other dating sites are good, but they value a lot. So, you have to keep in mind the three platforms above in case you seriously care about the price of the relationships.


To sum up, you know all about the price of Russian mail order girls now. How much does Russian mail order brides cost? The question is individual, as all singles have their own ideas and desires. The cheapest dating services may give you all the nicest services.

Besides, Russian mail order brides like to use more than only the cheapest sites. Check the dating platforms and their price, make the price list, and start seeking Russian mail order girls. Have good luck with your activities!

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