Russian Women vs American Women: The Differences in Dating 

Updated on Mar 2023

Last Updated on March 3, 2023

There is a constant battle between dating American women vs. Russian women. Both are charming and smart. Both are fun to date. Both can make good wives and mothers. However, there are certain differences that make some men go for US girls while others look for Russian women. Men often look for the answer: who is easier to date Russian girls vs. American girls? It depends on your preferences, expectations, and views.

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The difference between Russian vs. American girls is views on marriage. Even though there are many good-looking USA women, many Westerners prefer Russian brides. Why? They say opposites attract, and it works perfectly when it comes to dating Russian girls. They are completely opposite to independent women in the US. Russian women have a reputation for being the best wives. Is it true? You will find all answers in this article.

Character and Appearance of Russian Women

When we compare American girls vs. Russian girls by character and appearance, it is necessary to say that they have lots of differences. Let’s start with Russian mail-order brides character. Local brides are intelligent, smart, well-educated, loyal, caring, compassionate, and generous. A true Russian bride is the one who is willing to do anything for her man. She dreams of getting married and having children. A proper Russian mail order bride is the one who stays dedicated to her partners through marriage and supports all his ideas. A Russian wife lets her partner lead and make big decisions.

When it comes to describing the look of Russian women for marriage, there are only good things that can be said. Young and mature women from Russia are known for their hot looks. These ladies take care of their skin, hair, clothes and always look stunning. You will never see a Russian girl wearing creased clothes or having their hair messy. They look like models, and they put much effort into looking attractive. They have their makeup, hair, and nails perfectly done. They wear feminine clothes that highlight their beautiful curves.

It is not a surprise why Westerners dream of finding gorgeous Russian brides online. Dating websites with profiles of singles looking for love abroad are full of US strangers. These men hope to find good-looking Russian females for serious relationships.

Russian woman with curly hair

Features of American Ladies

If you are looking for an American mail order bride, you must look for fun and entertainment. You certainly want to find an independent woman who would not rely on you and expect you to be her prince charming. Those men who search for American mail-order brides

want a partnership. They want to share things fifty-fifty and respect each other’s personal space. American girls are passionate about their work; they love traveling and spending time with their friends. They search for happiness and freedom, and they are not so bothered about marriage as women from Russia.

There are many differences in Russian vs. American women if we talk about appearance. You already know how sexy Russian girls look. What about females from America? They are pretty, but they are certainly not obsessed with looking pretty. A typical American woman wears a sporty or casual style, rarely wears high heels and makeup. So, the difference between Russian and American ladies regarding their appearance is huge. American ladies often look older as they smoke and drink alcohol. Quite a lot of American girls are overweight. It will be difficult to find a Russin female who has a poor diet and does not visit the gym.

What Attracts Men About Russian Ladies?

Next to Russian women, men feel like kings. They are allowed to take the lead, make decisions and be the head of the family. Russian ladies treat their Western boyfriends and husbands with much care and love. If you are dreaming of a long-term relationship and then a happy marriage, a Russian bride is the number one choice for you.

Women from Russia are well-educated and intelligent. They would rather go to the theater than spend an evening in a bar. They are family-oriented and take pride in having close relationships with their family members. They are very romantic and surprise their Western partners with romantic dinners. They are great cooks too.

Russian women know how to make men feel special. They treasure and support their partners. They are also very genuine, generous and they make good lovers. It would be difficult to find an American guy who has never thought of dating a sexy Russian lady. You just need to head to dating websites with profiles of Russian ladies and see how stunning they look!

What Do Men Like About American Ladies?

The difference between American vs. Russian girls is that first are self-sufficient, and they need partners for fun but not to become their halves. American brides have modern views on dating, so they can easily come up to the guys who they like first and ask them out. They like to have fun, laugh and travel around the world. Getting married and having kids is not their priority. They want to make the most of life and enjoy every day.

Those guys who search for American girls for marriage certainly like easy-going and fun girls. Dating a girl from America is like having a good friend. You can share interests, spend time together but not promise anything to each other. Basically, dating an American woman is having no responsibilities.

How to Make a Russian Woman Like You?

So, you are interested in dating Russian girls for marriage, and you need some help. How do you get a Russian woman’s attention? Here are some useful tips for you:

  • Nice words and flowers

These are very important things when dating a Russian woman. You should be considerate. Local brides fall in love with those guys who say nice words, compliments and give them flowers. If you want to conquer the heart of a Russian girl, you should be like a perfect guy from a romantic movie.

  • Respect her feelings

Many Russian women looking for love and wanting men to respect them. What does it mean? It means that if you like a girl and want to have a serious relationship with her, you should date her only. Local brides do not accept open relationships and hate to be mistreated. One of the differences in American vs. Russian women is that second need to feel secure in a relationship and know that their partners are 100% loyal.

  • Show that you are family-oriented too

Your relationship with a Russian woman will progress if she knows that you are on the same page. Every lady in Russia dreams of being a happy wife and mother. The sooner you start talking about your desire of having a family, the sooner she will trust you and treat you with respect.

We bet you will enjoy dating Russian women as they are some of the hottest females on the planet!

blonde American woman

Ways to Attract American Ladies

With American women for marriage, you do not need so many tips. Local women are looking for American men who are fun to be around. If you like to go out, drink, watch sport, travel and just enjoy life, then you have a lot in common with brides in the USA. An American girl will have a crush on you if you do not tell her what to do. They love freedom, and they find men boring if they tell them what is good and what is bad.

A lady from the US would rather go to a bar than to a restaurant with candles and wine. She will also appreciate a ticket to a concert much more than a ticket to a theater or movie. USA females will love to kiss a guy on the first date, while a lady from Russia will make a guy wait to get closer for a few dates.


Whether you want to find wife in Russia or find wife in America, it is best to go online. Nowadays, local and foreign girls search for love online. There are plenty of reliable and affordable dating websites that allow you to review profiles, chat and build a romantic relationship on distance. If you are not ready for a serious relationship but looking for fun, then dating American women is the best decision for you. If you are someone who wants to share his life with his soulmate and do everything together, then a stunning Russian bride is who you need now.


How Loyal Are Russian and American Brides?

You should have no doubts about Russian brides’ loyalty. They are dedicated to their partners and respect men who can be honest in relationships. In a relationship with an American girl, you should discuss how you two feel about seeing other people. In the West, many girlfriends and boyfriends feel free until they tie the knot.

Can I Marry a Russian and American Girl?

Of course. Whether you want to marry a Russian or American girl, you should find out what age you can get married at and what the marriage traditions are. The wedding tradition in both countries can vary, and you should consider what is comfortable for your future wife.

Where to Meet Russian and American Girls?

You can travel to Russia if you fancy these girls. However, you will be more successful if you meet brides from Russia online. There are many more chances to meet singles girls online and make a match. Modern dating platforms use a matchmaking system that helps like-minded singles meet. If you want to date American girls, there are dozens of trustworthy platforms with photos of ht USA brides.

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