European Women vs American Women: A Comprehensive Comparison

Updated on Mar 2023

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

If you look through profiles of charing European women vs. American women, you will say that they all look pretty. Young and mature females from Europe and the USA are smart, attractive, and get a lot of attention from men around the world. Still, a lot of you guys wonder what the difference is when comparing American women vs. European women. Through this article, you will learn the main differences between ladies from two parts of the world as well as find tips on dating them.

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One of the main and obvious differences between European and US females is appearance. European women are naturally gorgeous, but they make many efforts to look good. They keep up with fashion, they look pretty and look after themselves. USA men find Italian and French ladies very elegant and attractive. They always have their hair, nails, and makeup done perfectly. US females prefer comfortable and casual clothes. So they can easily appear on a date with messy hair or tracksuit bottoms.

In Europe, single men have a chance to meet Spanish, Portuguese, French, Swedish, Latvian, and Polish ladies, not to mention women from other European countries. They all look stunning yet have differences in the look. Meeting European mail-order brides and dating them is a dream of many US guys. In America, you will meet many white and black ladies. Many Latin females study and work in big cities in the US too. The diversity of ladies in the US is wider.

When talking about a character and trying to decide who is easier to date American girls vs. European girls, men may find US females easier. They are open-minded, they can invite you for a date, and they are much funnier than European women. European females are quite serious, they want to be seen as mysterious, and they have more requirements towards their future love partners.

When It comes to the level of education and erudition, European brides tend to spend more years studying hard. They are smart and intelligent. American brides are also smart ladies, but they do not take it so seriously and prefer to enjoy life traveling and doing things that bring them joy.

American Women

Why Are Men Interested in European Women?

When we compare European girls vs. American girls, a big number of men would go for ladies from European countries. As we have already mentioned above, European girlfriends are very pretty. US men have a chance to meet Eastern European women like Polish brides who look fantastic and who are also family-oriented. There are hot and sexy French and Italian brides as well as Spanish brides who love to party, sing and dance. European ladies are very feminine. They are romantic, well-educated, and family-oriented. Single European women in the EU are known as good wives. They are caring, supporting, and loyal.

Why Men Find Attractive About American Women?

The difference between American vs. European girls is that the first ones are easy to get. A man does not have to wear a suit or take a girl to a posh restaurant to make her like him. You can take a US bride to a fast food restaurant and make her happy. They also like them as they can come up to you in a bar and say: “I like you”, which would never happen with a lady from Europe.

How Is It to Date European Women?

One of the differences in European vs. American women is that European women for marriage are romantic, intelligent, calm, and mysterious. They appear on a date wearing elegant clothes, smelling sweet and looking fantastic. In comparison with a USA lady, a European mail order bride carries herself like a true lady, and she expects to be treated like a princess. For a lot of men, it is a big turn-on. If you have never dated European girls for marriage, you may need some respect tips to help you.

Advice on Dating European Girls

  • You need to be a gentleman

Picking a lady from her location, opening a door in front of her, and paying a bill in a restaurant are expected things on a date with a bride from Europe. If you want to find a wife in Europe, you will need to change your mindset and become generous, thoughtful, and romantic.

  • You will have to be the first one to talk about your feelings

The difference between European vs. American girls is that US brides express their feelings easier. Even after a couple of dates with a lady from Europe, you will still have to solve her like a puzzle. To melt the ice, you will need to talk about your feelings first. Even if she has a crush on you, she will not tell you this until she is sure you like her too.

  • Keep distance on the first date

American girls for marriage are open to having sex on the first date, while European girls prefer to keep distance until they trust a man. A European female will test your intentions and patience before she will let you get closer.

Peculiarities of Dating American Women

Before you start dating an American mail order bride, you should know that most females here are feminists. You should treat women equally and respect them. If you have expectations about your future girlfriend from the USA looking after you, do not even start looking for American mail-order brides online. They are independent men who require respect and are not winning to be treated like servants.

US girls are fun to date. They enjoy laughing, chatting and they are easy-going. They always speak their mind, so you will not have problems with figuring out what your American girlfriend wants and means. If you start looking for US brides for a relationship, you may find out that you will be asked for a date. It is normal for US girls to say that they like a guy and want to go out with him.

If you are planning on dating American women, you may need some tips to get confident. So, here are 5 effective recommendations from dating experts that will help you to succeed in approaching a girl from the USA.

Tips on Dating American Girls

  • Approach her with confidence

Americans are some of the most confident people. They are also very chatty. If you want to find a wife in America, you should be confident and know what you will say. So, you may need some practice before you go out and meet single US females.

  • Stay open to any suggested

At the end of a date (if a girl really likes you), she may invite you to her place and even ask you to stay over. If you are invited to a girl’s house, it is a good sign. Stay open to any suggestions she has, and enjoy your time with your new US girlfriend. This is one of the reasons why so many foreign men like American dating culture.

  • Make her smile and laugh

Instead of talking about a serious relationship and marriage on the first date, tell her funny stories from your life. USA girls prefer to chat about their personality, hobbies, work, TV shows, etc.

Why Do European Women Look for American Men?

They say that opposites attract, and it works perfectly when we are talking about why European girls fall in love with American foreigners. European men are even more strict than women. They tend to keep everything under control, and they are less fun to be around compared to guys from the US. So, a big number of European women looking for US men who are fun, cool, and easy-going.

Why Do American Women Want to Date American Men?

The reason why American women for marriage do not look for husbands outside their country is that they have a lot in common. American guys are super funny; they like to go out to drink, watch sports and just be themselves. American women love to wear their casual clothes, eat burgers and laugh out loud, and they would probably feel uncomfortable doing that with strict European guys.

European Women


Now you know the main differences in American vs. European women and can make up your mind. Whether you are dreaming of dating American or dating European women, you will have a great experience. Head to dating sites with lots of women looking for love to meet American and European girls online. Chat to them and see what girls suit your character better. Anyway, chatting and dating beautiful women regardless of their nationality is what brings men joy!


How to Find European and American Girl?

The easiest yet most effective way to meet foreign girls is to head to popular dating sites. There are dozens of reliable dating platforms with profiles of good-looking girls. Through mail order bride services, you will be able to learn whether a girl you like to marry, have a serious relationship, or a one-night stand.

How to Attract a European and American Woman?

To get the attention of European girls, you should think of those male heroes from romantic movies. Come on a date with flowers, take her to a nice restaurant, take her home and tell her about your serious intentions. If you want to approach an American girl, you should be funny, chatty, and respect her boundaries.

How Loyal Are European and American Girls?

European girls are more loyal as they are family-oriented. If you are looking for a caring and loyal wife, Europe is the right destination for you. American girls are less bothered about finding a partner for a long-term relationship. You should search for an American girlfriend with the same mindset if loyalty is a priority in your future relationship.

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