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Updated on May 2023

Last Updated on May 28, 2023

Best Romanian Dating Sites To Find Romanian Women

Attractive and handsome, this is the first thing that comes to mind when men think of Romanian mail order brides. That is why they are so fascinated by them and would like to get to know one of the attractive women. This is not surprising because hardly any Southeast European woman is more beautiful, has more temperament, or a better figure than the lovable and desirable brides from Romania have.

Romanian brides have lived among the Slavic people for a long time. During all this period, their Latin culture mixed with the Slavic culture. As a result, the mentality of the bride from Romania is found a little between these two cultures.

If these women are Orthodox, this does not mean that they are conservative, quite the contrary. Among the various inhabitants of Eastern Europe, Romania is undoubtedly one of the countries where the inhabitants have the lightest customs. However, this is especially true for the younger generation; the older generation is much more conservative.

Nice Facts About Brides from Romania

The attractive women from Romania are very popular among men. They enjoy their life to the fullest when going out. At every opportunity, they like to dance. They are very spirited and passionate, which shows in many situations.

Romanian Woman with gorgeous, seductive body

Typical Appearance of the Romanians

The classy Romanian mail order wife is attractive, good-looking, and fascinatingly feminine. These brides like to wear chic clothes, nice makeup, and great hairstyles. In Romania, the man will be surprised how many brides are out and about in sexy clothes, with stylish bags, well made up, and with high heels. You attach great importance to an attractive appearance, personal hygiene, and cosmetic treatments. For most Romanian women, it is also important to be slim and desirable.

What Is The Character Of Romanian Brides Like?

The Romanians are very reserved and shy at first. It may take a while for the ice to break because these brides are well behaved. Nevertheless, Romanian brides have a lot of temperaments. They are very empathetic, humble, and family-oriented. Most of the brides in the country are very traditional and attach great importance to an intact, happy relationship and a very harmonious family life. You want to be respected.

Why Are Romanian Brides Suitable Marriage Candidates?

Anyone who wants to marry a Romanian will be welcomed. It should be borne in mind, however, that communication problems or differences of opinion can arise in everyday life, as the mentality of Romanian women is different compared to that of Western European women. Understanding, openness, and patience are required here in order to be able to resolve problems quickly. It is also important to listen and treat your partner with respect in order to have a happy and successful relationship. If this is the case, the brides from Romania want to love and pamper their husband primarily because they live for him and the entire family. For a well-educated Romanian, family happiness is above all else.

What Does A Romanian Wife Expect From Her Partner?

Romanian women long for a loving man who gives them security and support. He should also respect them, take them seriously and treat them well. Of course, it is helpful for the man to have a good job, to be successful and wealthy. Romanians enjoy it when they have a good provider and protector by their side who can support their families well. The man should also be self-confident, strong in character, and courageous. It is also more important to Romanian women than men have a sense of humor and good manners.

How Much Does Romanian Mail Order Wife Cost?

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

Romanian women have always been considered highly desirable for their beauty, intelligence, and loyalty. In recent years, many men from Western countries have been looking to find love with a Romanian mail order bride. But before you take the plunge and start your search for a Romanian bride, it’s important to understand the cost involved. In this article, we’ll look at how much it costs to find a Romanian mail order bride.

Finding a Romanian Mail Order Bride Agency

The first step in finding a Romanian mail order bride is to choose a reputable agency. Most of these agencies are based in Romania, and their pricing structures can vary widely. Some agencies offer a one-time fee, while others charge monthly fees. It’s important to do your research and choose an agency that is transparent about their pricing structure.

The cost of Communication

Once you have found an agency that you trust, you will need to start communicating with your potential Romanian bride. The cost of communication is usually separate from the agency’s fees. You can expect to pay between $0.50 and $2.00 per minute for video calls, and between $1 and $10 per letter. It’s important to budget for this cost, as communication will be an ongoing expense throughout the process.

Travel Expenses

If you decide to take things to the next level and travel to Romania to meet your potential bride, you will need to budget for travel expenses. This includes airfare, accommodation, and transportation. Depending on where you are traveling from, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1500 for airfare alone. Accommodation can cost between $50 and $200 per night, depending on the level of luxury you require. Transportation costs will depend on your destination and can range from $20 to $100 per day.

Visa and Immigration Fees

If you decide to marry your Romanian mail order bride and bring her back to your home country, you will need to apply for a spouse visa. The cost of a spouse visa can vary widely depending on the country you are applying from and the complexity of your case. You can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $2000 for these fees.

Miscellaneous Costs

In addition to the costs outlined above, there may be other miscellaneous expenses that you need to consider. For example, you may need to purchase gifts for your bride or pay for translation services. You should also budget for unexpected expenses, such as emergency medical care or legal fees.

Ways to Meet Romanian Brides

When people start thinking about finding someone to develop relationships with, they often have some ideas of where to find a Romanian bride. Nowadays, there are several common ways. Each of them has its peculiarities. Depending on personal resources and possibilities, you can select the most suitable option.

Traditional Dating

Many people prefer to develop romantic relationships by meeting a woman personally. That is what makes the traditional variant of dating the most romantic. When you can see the eyes of a Romanian bride, hold her hands, kiss and hug you develop love feelings between each other. You may also buy a bride Romania with gifts. Thus, to enjoy this way of finding and developing relationships, you need to get Romanian mail order brides. This is when you have two options. One of them is to try luck in your homeland. Romanian brides can be found in various countries across the world. If you live in a popular among foreigners city, you can have enough chances to meet Romanian brides.

Alternatively, you can always make a trip to Romania. This lovely country is hospitable to visitors. There you have a great number of beautiful local Romanian brides who are available for relationships, dating, and marriage.

There are also different places where to find Romanian women for relationships. If you like pubs and clubs, you should try them. They always have many visitors who wish to find someone to spend time together with. It can be both casual and serious relationships.

If you prefer to approach women during the daytime, it is even better. Many foreign brides in Romania do not mind talking with foreigners in various public places. It can be stores, malls, parks, streets, cafes, exhibitions, etc. As many women speak English, you will not have difficulties to enjoy talking to them.

Dating Sites

If you are located outside the country and want to try flirting with a bride in Romania, a good option is to search the internet for her.  On the internet, you can find plenty of various dating sites to meet a Romanian woman interested in a foreign man. In addition, you will also be able to try your luck with brides of another nationality if you feel like it at international matching platforms.

The online dating industry has a great number of matching sites and places with Romanian women looking for marriage. Many of them are devoted to a specific category of internet users. Thus, it is better to select those where you can actually find women from Romania. Such platforms are international dating sites, services with southeastern users, Slavic brides, etc.

Even if you are a newbie in online dating, you will not have difficulties in using matching sites. The registration is simple and, in most cases, free of charge. After becoming a website member, you receive a personal page where you indicate all the important information about yourself. It helps to attract other website users and allows you to get a legitimate Romanian mail order bride.

The next step is an actual searching process. The search tool has a variety of features with filters. By indicating the country of origin, age, appearance traits, and other parameters, you can find brides who match your preferences.

After meeting the person you like, you can begin the conversation. The online dating process is mostly based on communication between people. Thus, you should not worry and talk to women online via messages and even video and audio calls.

Mobile Dating Apps

Alongside dating websites, you can find a great number of mobile applications. They serve the same purpose. Among differences is the possibility to conveniently date with brides via smartphone and to search for singles with the help of geolocation. It is very helpful when you plan to visit Romania. You will be able to see all the available Romanian girls for marriage in a certain area.

Most of the mobile apps are available to the new smartphones. They do not require a lot of space. Alternatively, you can always use the mobile web version of Romanian marriage websites. It will save the memory space of your device.

Matrimonial Services

Another way to find Romanian women for marriage is to use matrimonial services. A great number of people prefer serious relationships or even marriage. They want to save their time and just to find the most suitable candidate. That is what marriage agencies offer them. These bureaus offer professional assistance in finding the most suitable candidate according to personal preferences.

Matrimonial services often have large databases of profiles. While using such a service, you also create a portfolio where you tell everything about yourself. It allows agents of matrimonial services to find a person who is suitable to you. After several profiles, you almost get Romanian women for sale. That is why matrimonial services are wonderful Romanian wife finder tools.

After selecting the bride, you will be able to start dating, to get to know each other better. As you already have some common interests, it is easier to develop relationships. Thus, marriage agencies focus on marrying people.

brunette Romanian woman

Romanian Mail Order Wives At Matrimonial Services

Most matrimonial services are international. It is a great benefit to you while trying to buy Romanian wife. However, you should also keep in mind that brides at marriage agencies have their own reasons why they use such services. Not all goals about eternal love and marriage. Some singles do not mind to become a Romanian bride for sale. Therefore, here are some of the most common reasons to use international matrimonial services:

  • Meet a decent husband;
  • Find international love;
  • Relocate to a better country;
  • Marry a rich man.

Success Stories from Romania

Success Story #1 Image
Carson and Amelia FindEuropeanBeauty logo
Carson and Amelia's success story is a heartwarming example of how online dating can lead to a fulfilling and lasting relationship. They met on a dating site and immediately hit it off. They found that they shared many interests, including a love for the outdoors and trying new foods. They decided to meet in person, and their first date was a hit. They spent the day hiking and enjoying each other's company. From then on, they continued to see each other and fall more deeply in love. Carson knew that Amelia was the one for him and proposed. She said yes, and they got married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their loved ones. Now, they are happily married and grateful for taking a chance on online dating. Their story is a reminder that love can be found anywhere, even on a dating site.
Success Story #2 Image
Cassidy and Emma RealEuropeanBeauty logo
They both joined the same dating site and started chatting. They quickly realized they had a lot in common and shared similar interests. Their conversations were effortless, and they felt a strong connection even before meeting in person. When they finally met, their chemistry was undeniable. They spent the day exploring the city and talking about everything under the sun. From then on, they continued to see each other and fall more deeply in love. Cassidy knew that Emma was the one for her and proposed. She said yes, and they got married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their loved ones. Now, they are happily married and grateful for taking a chance on online dating. Their story proves that love can be found anywhere, even on a dating site.

Tips on Dating Romanian Women

Many Romanians take a while to warm up. Therefore, the man should give them some time until the woman falls in love. Here it is important to be patient and not be put off. Romanian women have to feel that the interest is sincere. Since Romanians are very romantic, they love to have a picnic in the great outdoors. When going out with a Romanian woman, it is important to give her full attention, thereby showing affection. However, Romanians do not react sensitively to flirting with others, as they are considered extremely jealous. For this reason, you should absolutely avoid flirting with other women in the presence of your partner.

Romanian women are not necessarily different from other women in the world. They like:

  • Chat with their girlfriends;
  • Go eat out;
  • To party;
  • Take a walk and enjoy the good weather;
  • Sunbathe at the beach.

On the other hand, the main difference is that their purchasing power is quite low (for those who stayed in Romania). They, therefore, cannot do certain activities on a recurring basis or have to limit their budget.

As a foreigner, you will have the opportunity to increase the standard of their basic activities a little. For example, you can choose a better quality restaurant; you can buy the girl a few drinks in the evening, you can offer a boat trip rather than on foot, etc. The important thing is to do activities that they like but at a level a little higher than what they are currently doing.


How to Find Romanian Girl?

There are two main places, offline and online. On the internet, you can easily find various places to meet Romanian wives online. While approaching brides in person, you can also meet Romanian brides for marriage. You just need to be confident and tolerant in conversations. With the help of matrimonial services, you can almost order a Romanian bride.

How Loyal Are Romanian Brides?

In relationships, it is important to trust each other. It requires time to spend together and a common experience. They understand that, and if a woman is ready for marriage, you can be sure of her loyalty. Girls also want to be sure in their partners.

Why Are Romanian Women So Beautiful?

The main reason why women from Romania are so beautiful is due to their ancestors. A lot of men adore their long black hair and nice body shapes. It is also difficult not to pay attention to their eyes that can be of various color shades.

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