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Updated on May 2023

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Best Thai Mail Order Brides Sites & Dating Sites

Thailand is a country that is renowned for its heavenly beaches, exquisite food, and the smiles of its people. Nevertheless, this place is also famous for something else with men: Thai mail order brides. Many singles want to meet Thai girls and experience unforgettable moments with them. The brides from Thailand are considered extremely beautiful and fashion-conscious. They are also known for having cute faces and good figures.

Best Thai Brides Profiles

Isaree 22 y.o.
Location Bangkok
Pasuta 24 y.o.
Location Nakhon
Ratana 25 y.o.
Location Krabi

Thai Brides Statistics

Each year, thousands of Asian ladies move permanently to the United States after marriage. They seek to marry American men and then obtain a K-1 fiancee visa. Every year the number of international marriages with Thailand mail order women is growing. This is completely unsurprising considering how many perks these Thailand ladies have and how irresistible they are!

❤️ Success Rate74%
? Divorce Rate30%
?? Popular Thai CitiesChiang Mai, Hua Hin, Bangkok, Phuket
⌛ Average Marriage Age21 y.o.
? Average Cost for a Mail Order Woman$900 – $9000

Nice Facts about Brides from Thailand

The female body and the elegant face of the Thai woman is the defining trademark. They look very exotic and often have noticeably childlike and cute face. The pretty ladies are persistent and hardworking. They also love socializing because they like to meet up with friends to eat or go shopping together. They love to explore the latest fashions and to present themselves in public with unusual clothes. The beauty and fashion consciousness among the Thai is very strong.

Why Are Men Attracted To Thai Brides?

Thai brides are very attractive, and they have the specificity of taking good care of their family while being generous. They are usually slim, always smiling, and it seems local women have a secret recipe for eternal youth. Indeed, they appear younger than others do at their age. It attracts men by their grace and their distinctive features.

The Beauty of Thai Girls

Thai brides usually love to go out and display all the arts of femininity. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a Thai woman to show up on a date or a normal shopping trip with a mini skirt, high heels, and beautiful make-up. Many men value this consciously feminine appearance of a Thai wife very much.

beautiful thai woman wearing typical dress

Character Traits of Thai Brides

Most women in Thailand are considered shy and reserved. You attach great importance to politeness and take meticulous care to be polite and not to criticize and embarrass other people in public. Once you have found a man whom you love, honor, and respect, you should go to great lengths to give him the feeling of security, love, and attention. Women are usually experts in enticing their husbands.

Thai Women Are Fond of Children and Are Family Oriented

Women in Thailand are very fond of children and have a heartfelt desire to start their own family. The financial security of the family is particularly important to the Thai woman because poverty is still widespread in Thailand. A potential spouse should therefore be able to provide for their future wife and be a kind of protector and provider. Western men, on the other hand, have a reputation of very reliable and ambitious, which can certainly impress a Thai woman.

Thai Women Pay Great Attention to Inner Values

In Thailand, more and more women are studying and getting a good job. It is therefore no longer necessary for a future husband to earn particularly well and to provide for the family alone. They value inner values ​​and appreciate a good upbringing, tolerance, respect, and understanding. Thai women who only want a rich man to be able to live well may still exist in Thailand, but these are also becoming increasingly rare, especially since the Asian country is developing very well economically.

Ways to Meet Thai Girls for Marriage

In the modern world, you can find a great variety of dating possibilities. With the development of communication technologies, you may enjoy dating Thai women with your pocket device. That is why it is not that difficult to start dating someone. However, there are several common ways ho0w you can find someone and ask to date. Each of them has some positive and negative features. Depending on personal resources and dating preferences, you can select the most convenient option.

Offline Dating

A great number of people prefer to approach women personally. Such moments are full of pleasant worries and interests in future events. Offline dating allows people to see each other and talk in person. Such close communication helps to build up serious and longstanding relationships faster. Moreover, you can enjoy dates at the cinema, restaurants, pubs, cafes, parks, strolls, and other activities. Physical contact is also an important part of dating. Both men and women enjoy holding hands, kisses, and intimacy.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to mention that offline dating means that you need to encounter Thai brides for marriage in your area or to make a trip to this lovely country. After arriving, it is recommended to visit public places. There you can approach local Thai brides without worries.

thai women

Matrimonial Services

In case you wish to meet a Thai mail order wife, then matrimonial services are the right option. A great number of people use marriage agencies to find a Thai bride. Such services primarily focus on serious relationships and marriage matches. They have large databases of registered clients with their profiles. By reviewing personal pages, you can get to know the person better.

To use matrimonial services, you will be asked to create a personal file too. In the profile, you indicate general information about yourself together with hobbies, habits, interests, preferences in relationships, etc. Then, the service representatives evaluate your data to find the most suitable candidates. As matrimonial services are not free of charge, it may seem like the agency offers to buy a bride Thailand.

Then you also go through the dating process to get to know each other better. In most cases, both people already have common interests, which allows them to build up reliable relationships faster.

Thai Women Looking for Marriage at Matrimonial Services

When women start to use additional services to find love, it means that they want to have more reliable chances than traditional dating. Thus, here are some common reasons that Thai bride has while using matrimonial services:

  • Relocation;
  • Family and love;
  • Money.

It is necessary to mention that some brides do not mind becoming Thai women for sale at matrimonial services just to become happy in relationships.

Dating Sites

The other way to get to know Thai brides is to register on a specialized dating site. Indeed, on a dating site dedicated to people from Thailand, you can quickly and easily find single Thai brides who suit you because all the brides registered have the same origin and the same desire: to meet a man attracted by their character, their origin, etc.

Thanks to the extensive Thai wife finder search tool and filter functions, you can find other single members and profiles in just a few moments. Unlike general dating sites, you do not waste time going through each profile, checking origins because all registered members are Thai. That is how dating sites help to find wife in Thailand. There are also mobile apps that help to find foreign brides in Thailand too.

Thai Marvelous woman

How to Find a Reliable Thai-Dating Site?

To find a reliable site with Thai mail-order brides, you should follow the following recommendations:

  • Make sure that the website you have chosen allows you to communicate with Thai brides by mail order. The search engine must include a state or nationality filter. Thus, you may order a Thai bride.
  • Security is important. The site must be protected and offer a secure connection. It must work with well-known money transfer companies.
  • The site must indicate the rules to chat effectively. It must help the user to solve the problems and therefore must have reliable support service.
  • A good website should allow you to talk to a Thai woman online however you want. He must arrange video calls and have a mandatory online chat. The ability to send flowers and gifts would be a big plus.
  • Finally, you need to make sure that the woman you are chatting with is a real person. Find an option to only chatting with moderated verified users.

Mobile Applications

One of the other methods to encounter love of life is to install the application on your smartphones. While reviewing App Store and Play Market, you can get a great number of various matching and online dating services. Speaking about features, they are similar to common websites. Sometimes they are even better. The process of searching it allows reviewing active users in the area around you. While making trips to countries, it becomes very helpful. Mobile application can also show the distance to a person. The interface of such apps is very user-friendly.

How to Win the Hearts of Thai Brides?

As a European, American, Australian, or even North African, you will be very popular with Thai brides. Indeed, for them, you will be considered as someone attractive, regardless of your physique. However, that does not mean you have to employ the same strategies as when you seduce a bride from Vietnam or flirt with a woman in the Philippines.

To get Thai mail order brides, things will not be difficult. However, these will essentially be one-night stands, and you will not necessarily have access to the prettiest brides in the country. For these, you will have to work a little harder.

To succeed in seducing a very attractive woman from Thailand (8 out of 10 minimum), you will have to stand out from other foreigners who are in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops. Dressing in a slightly classier fashion will already make you a much more attractive person.

Besides, you should avoid going to places where it is very easy to succeed in having women. It is never in this kind of place where you will succeed in finding the canons of beauty. On top of that, you will never know if it is a woman or a transsexual.

meet thai brides

Activities for the Seduction of a Thailand Woman

A Thailand mail order wife has much the same passions as a girl from another country. There are not any fundamental differences, except that they have much less financial means. Your approaches to seduction, therefore, do not have to be expensive.

Thus, they will try above all to do free or inexpensive activities. For example, local mail order wives love the beach because it does not cost anything. For food, they will eat in street restaurants. For clothing, they will try to find classy clothes for a few euros. As a foreigner, then you can offer your Thailand mail order woman things that they could not afford on their own.

How Much for Finding and Dating Thai Mail Order Brides Online?

You can meet Thai brides on trusted online dating resources. This means that you should, first of all, choose paid online dating sites in order to find charming Thai girls for a serious relationship. Most Thai brides use online dating services that offer additional features at an affordable price. Thai bride cost depends on online dating platforms type and features you choose.

Global Dating Sites With Thailand Brides

? Pricing
  • From $30 to $300 on average
✅ Pros
  • Favorable price for communication with a Thai girl;
  • Review of quality content with Thai ladies;
  • Huge member base of gorgeous Thai women.
❌ Cons
  • Different tastes of Asian women;
  • Different purposes of searching for relationships among potential Thai wives.

The pricing policy of the top Thai dating sites with a credit payment system is in the priority price range. Basically, this type of dating platform with mail order brides offers packages of 20, 50, 125, 250, and 750 tokens. For a package of communication with a Thai lady of 20 tokens, you will pay an average of $9.99.

A potential Thai wife chat package of 50 tokens will cost users $19.99, and packages of $125, $250, and $750 respectively will cost about $44.99, $69.99, and $149.99 to chat with a Thai girlfriend. However, prices for international dating sites may vary slightly depending on the online dating platform you choose. Thai bride price may be acceptable if your budget is above average.

thai bride

Sexuality of Thai Brides

Contrary to Thailand’s reputation in the Western world, as a destination for “sex tourists”, Thailand has a quite modest sexual culture. Thus, sexual issues are almost never discussed openly, especially among Thai singles. Considered “morally good,” most Thai women have no personal sexual desires, so it’s worth much less pressure on them.

Talk or write about sex considered culturally and morally unacceptable for a Thailand mail order bride. Besides keeping quiet about sexual issues, Thailand ladies were also required to be sexually modest and a virgin in order to maintain respect in the local society. A Thai girl for marriage who allows more than one man to access her body was a “bad woman” due to local cultural standards.

Possible Challenges in Relationships With a Thai Wife Online

A Thai mail order bride is not as simple a lady as it might seem at first glance! local Asian culture is very different from Western culture, and it is quite difficult to understand it, just like a Thai bride herself. Many Westerners think they understand the local culture and any single Thai lady.

In fact, whatever you say openly doesn’t always mean what’s underneath the surface. Actually, this causes problems in relationships with many Thai women because Thailand women do not understand why their man does what he does not by her will. If you wish to marry a Thai in the future, make sure you are aware of these common issues that may arise with Thai singles.

Family Comes First

One of the problems that Thai-Western relationships often face is that family means a lot to a local lady, unlike those in Western culture. Even though they are adults, a Thailand wife still strives to live with her family. When a Thai bride marries, she chooses to live with either her family or her husband’s family. Such a fact for Westerners is something that most of them simply don’t do.

When you date a Thailand bride, you have to accept that her family will always be the main part of her. If her family needs financial or emotional help, then she will always put it above her relationship with her boyfriend or husband. Even if she has been married for a long time. Almost every Thai girl will prefer her family to her Western boyfriend or husband.

thai professional brides

Language Barrier

With Thailand ladies who can’t speak English fluently, misunderstandings often occur. The Thai language is quite difficult which is why most Western men prefer English. Misunderstandings due to language problems can cause other problems to escalate if not addressed immediately.

The vast majority of Thai women do not speak English well. The only women who speak English fluently are women working in international companies, large companies, some English teachers and women working in the tourism industry.

In fact, Thailand has the worst level of English of any country in Southeast Asia. Thus, meeting a Thailand girl who doesn’t speak English well on mail order bride websites can be the perfect situation for language problems. Also, make sure you speak slowly and clearly and explain anything your Thailand lady may not understand. In this way, some language challenges will be nipped in the bud!

Success Stories from Thailand

Success Story #1 Image
Gary and Luna EasternHoneys logo
They both joined the same dating site and were drawn to each other's profiles. They started chatting, and their connection was instant. They soon realized they had a lot in common, including a passion for adventure and trying new things. They decided to meet in person, and their first date was incredible. They spent the day hiking and sharing stories. From then on, they continued to see each other and fall more deeply in love. Gary knew that Luna was the one for him and proposed. She said yes, and they got married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their loved ones. Now, they are happily married and grateful for taking a chance on online dating. Their story is a reminder that love can be found anywhere, even on a dating site.
Success Story #2 Image
Holt and Ava AsianMelodies logo
They both joined the same dating site and started chatting. They soon discovered they had a lot in common, including a love for reading and traveling. Their conversations flowed effortlessly, and they felt a strong connection even before meeting in person. When they finally met, their chemistry was undeniable. They spent the day exploring the city and talking about everything under the sun. From then on, they continued to see each other and fall more deeply in love. Holt knew that Ava was the one for him and proposed. She said yes, and they got married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their loved ones. Now, they are happily married and grateful for taking a chance on online dating. Their story proves that love can be found anywhere, even on a dating site.

How to Avoid Scams on Asian Dating Sites?

Mail bride dating scams usually start with innocent interactions. The scammer in the image of a Thailand lady contacts the victim via e-mail mentioning common interests and thus claiming that they are somehow suitable for each other. In such cases, scammers create fake profiles of Oriental girls that are as attractive as possible and wait for someone to meet them online.

Steps to avoid online scams:

  • Do not provide all information except for basic ones;
  • Do not share financial matters and secure data;
  • Choose only trusted and legit dating websites;
  • Chat only with verified users.

*In addition, do not link your credit or debit card to the site to avoid automatic payment for premium membership.

What Masculine Traits Does Thai Bride Online Value?

If it is very important for a Western man to attract the enthusiastic glances of single ladies, you must be able to seduce and interest. It would not hurt to study in more detail what qualities local women value in a man:

  • Responsibility;
  • Charm;
  • Reliability;
  • Restraint;
  • Tact;
  • Neatness;
  • Independence;
  • High potential;
  • Self-realization.

In order to be a real man in all areas, you must have a developed personality, never stop working on yourself and get better and better every time. You should learn to make your women happy by developing the qualities described above, and only then charming girls will be able to repay you in the same way!

thailand mail order bride

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Bride From Thailand?

The first thing you will be asked to pay for is the wedding ceremony which can be quite expensive and usually costs around 150,000 baht or more. It is unlikely that they will tell you what the entire cost of a wedding ceremony with a Thai bride will be.

After you have paid for the dowry element, you will have to pay for the wedding itself. It usually costs between 300,000 and 400,000 baht. Moreover, you should make sure that your fancy wedding is extravagant and includes a lot of entertainment, food and drinks.

It is better to consider the full cost of a mail bride from Thailand in terms of saving money on long-term living expenses. It is better to spend more because it promises huge time savings that you will earn. You won’t have enough time to cook, shop or clean anyway. However, dowry is an important issue that not many are aware of before marriage or a breakup.

?Dating site featuresfrom $100 and more
?Extra dating toolsabout $500
??‍✈️Trip to Thailand$3,000-$7,000
?Moving in together$2,000


Thai brides are excellent women for marriage. Among these pretty Asian women, you will find many good candidates who сanl become your reliable life partner for a long time. You can get acquainted with charming Thailand ladies on trustworthy online dating platforms.


How Much Do Thai Brides Cost?

Many internet users would like to get Thai bride for sale, but you can only pay for services that will help you to find your match. Matrimonial services can offer you profiles of brides to choose what is almost like to buy Thai wife.

How Loyal Are Thai Brides?

Plenty of Thai wives online want to find a wonderful life partner. If you are a person who treats them properly, you can be sure of their loyalty. Those Thai brides who prefer longstanding relationships and marriage remain devoted to their partners in different life situations.

Where to Meet Thai Girls?

In the beginning, you can try to search for Thai women for marriage in your area. Local places for foreigners is a nice option. Otherwise, is to visit Thailand. Among online options, Thai marriage websites and matrimonial sites are always available and ready to help to encounter legitimate Thai mail order bride. Portfolio of a person also contains information on education and occupation.

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