Mail order brides – How to find a mail order bride in 2024 ?

Updated on Jun 2024

Last Updated on June 17, 2024

Are you lonely? Have no time to look for love offline? No worries – there is always a solution. You can meet mail order brides without leaving your home. You just need to register an account on a dating platform, and the system will do the match-making magic for you.

Best Mail Order Brides Sites & Dating Sites

Nowadays, there are thousands of matrimonial services. All of mail order wives are created with the only purpose – to help busy people find a bride no matter how mail order bride look, how much they earn, and where they live.

What is a mail order bride?

Let’s talk about what foreign mail order brides are. Many women dream of finding an understanding and pleasant partner with whom they can create a strong family, where relationships are built on love, trust, and mutual respect. Unfortunately, the culture of some countries and local men may not respect women, infringe on their rights, etc. Therefore, a foreign bride is trying to find a husband who will be a real salvation for her. Therefore, Mail Order girlfriend registers on a dating site and starts communicating with foreigners. Here you can also learn about her country’s culture, traditions, and customs. Many charming mail order brides find happiness every year thanks to modern technology.

?‍?‍?‍? Is Mail Order Brides good mother ? Yes
? Is Mail Order Brides loyal? Yes
? Is Mail Order Brides Easy? Yes

It is worth saying that online communication is an important element in the first stage of a relationship. And when choosing a service, you need to pay attention to what tools the company offers. As a rule, this is an online chat and e-mail. Here you can send letters and photos. Some services also offer video calling, which is an added benefit. This is the best way to make sure that your bride’s mail order is real and exactly what you imagined it to be. And, when you’re ready, you can propose to her and start a real relationship.

Are Mail Order Brides Real?

Yes, it is indeed true. You can find a real soul mate thanks to various mail order bride services. We have already said that many women try to look for a partner abroad for various reasons. This may be the imperfection of the local culture, the lack of real men next to the lady, the desire to visit a new country, etc. In any case, you are communicating with real mail order brides on the mail order bride services.

However, sometimes some scammers register profiles or participants use other people’s photos to attract attention. Therefore, we recommend that you register only for high-quality services. Pay attention to whether the verification procedure is mandatory. And start a conversation only with verified users. In this case, you can be sure that the dialogue is with a real girl. Therefore, we recommend that you cooperate only with reliable and popular mail order bride sites, as well as read all service documents before registering (“Terms & Conditions”, “Privacy Policy”, etc.). This way you can understand more about the responsibilities of the company and be sure that you are talking with real girls.

Moreover, there are services with an excellent reputation or special principles of work. For example, LoveSwans does not allow girls to register on the site. All profiles presented here are registered through a marriage agency. This site will help you find mail order brides from the Asian region quickly and reliably.

What are the “Mail Order Bride” Processes from Both Sides?

So, you have decided to find a wife online free and registered on a reliable and high-quality site. In this case, you need to verify your identity, complete your profile as much as possible, and set up search filters. These are important points because they significantly increase your chances of success. The reason is that a completed profile gets additional ranking and visibility in the search. Other ladies will now be able to look at your photos and read about your interests and preferences. They might like your personality and decide to text you first.

Another important factor is setting up search filters. Modern dating sites allow you to specify a large number of parameters. This applies not only to the appearance of the bride (body type, hair, eye color, height, and weight) but also to character traits (presence of bad habits, attitude towards serious relationships) or other factors (race, city of residence, zodiac sign, etc.). ). The more parameters specified, the better. The program will now select the best foreign brides with whom you should start communicating. 

Legality of Mail Order Brides

One of the most important points is legal nuances. You can’t just pick up and bring Slavic mail order brides into the country. It is necessary to fill out some documents and provide all the information to the migration service. For example, you can get a special K-1 visa, which gives a foreign woman the right to enter the country. To open it, you need to personally meet with a partner at least once in the last two years and be able to prove it. Both must not be in a registered marriage. The wedding is planned within 90 days of arrival, otherwise, the bride must leave the country. Also, it is worth saying that you should be marrying a foreigner with whom you dated, and not with another citizen.

A couple who married less than two years before receiving an immigrant visa as a legal permanent resident will initially receive a green card that is only valid for two years and subject to certain conditions. 90 days before the green card expires (valid for two years), the couple must apply together to revoke the terms of their green card. To revoke a green card, a couple must go to an interview and provide proof that the marriage is legal. However, if at the time of obtaining a visa, a US citizen is marrying a foreigner, and this marriage lasts two years or longer, the new immigrant will receive a valid green card for 10 years.

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Is it Safe for Mail Order Brides to Arrive to the US?

Moreover, local authorities took care of security and reduced the risk of violence. In January 2006, the US Congress passed the Immigration and Mail Order Brides Regulation Act. A man must fill out a questionnaire about his past, and Russian mail order brides must read it and agree to communicate. Also, the girl’s stay in the country is protected by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

The interesting thing is that the process is controlled at all stages and from all sides. And this is done for important reasons. The fact is that in the 1980s, a fictitious marriage for obtaining US citizenship was a very common immigration route. To limit the flow of such immigrants, the government introduced tough measures. The first green card is now issued for two years. You can apply for naturalization in three. If it turns out that an American deliberately committed a crime, he faces a prison sentence of up to 5 years and a considerable fine. For a foreigner – imprisonment up to 1 year, deportation. Also, if within five years a fictitious partner declares that dating a foreigner was conditional, the green card and even citizenship will be invalidated.

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Main Criteria for Obtaining Citizenship

Of course, money doesn’t matter when you want to find true love. And we do not recommend that you buy a bride or cooperate with such services. But there is a more convenient option – to get married in the girl’s homeland. In this case, it is also legal and is recognized by US law. Of course, this is not a reason for automatic citizenship, but the procedure becomes simpler. For example, a spouse first fills out an I-130 form, which is reviewed at the embassy. There are several important conditions for the candidate.

❗ Applicant must be 18 or older at the time of application;

❗The candidate must be committed to the principles of the US Constitution;

❗ The applicant cannot be convicted.

Then a visa is issued and the process of obtaining citizenship begins. As a rule, this stage takes about 2-3 years.

Who uses the mail order bride services?

who uses the mail order bride services?

Modern dating platforms and matrimonial services help you solve all these problems at once. Now, to meet your love or buy a wife you do not need to spend time and money on the road to an expensive restaurant or bar. You can simply create an account on a couple of dating platforms and get tons of messages from young mail order brides. There are many people in the databases. You can choose the foreign mail order bride you’ve always dreamed of. It doesn’t matter if it’s Asian, Russian people or people from the United States. Men and women can find their love online.

What are the Pros and Cons of Mail Order Brides?

Suppose you have registered on a site that does not just offer wives for sale but helps people. Here you could meet a charming girl, as well as start a real relationship. Let’s talk about the various advantages and disadvantages of this process.

✅ Thanks to quality service, you can find a real soul mate who will understand you. Next to which you will feel comfortable and cozy. Because thousands and thousands of girls are registered on dating sites. And the search algorithm will be able to pick up the best matches;

✅ Also, you get the opportunity to learn more about other customs, touch unique cultures, and expand your horizons. It is also beneficial for your personal and spiritual development;

✅ Attention and envy of others. After all, you choose a charming mail order bride with an exotic appearance, so the attention of those around you is guaranteed. Moreover, many ladies have a sophisticated sense of style, so they look great in almost any outfit. And next to them you will feel great.

However, there are also some disadvantages in relations with foreign brides.

❌ Difference in cultures. Yes, this could be a problem. Especially if you or your wife are religious but belong to different denominations. You may have different outlooks on life. But remember that dialogue is the main way to find mutual understanding. Respect each other and try to hear the wishes of the partner;

❌ Lots of free time. Yes, your mail order bride came from another country where her former life remained. Her work, relatives, and friends are there. Here she does not know anyone, and maybe even faces a language barrier. You are the only one she has now. And Mail Order girlfriend will try to spend as much time with you as possible. This means that you will have fewer opportunities to meet friends or relax, and maximum attention should be paid to the bride.

What Brides You Can Meet on Dating Sites?

Although there are different niche mail order bride sites with different female users and communities around Asian mail order brides, the popular majority of them still have similar target groups of users:

  • Young mail brides looking for a husband and father for their future children;
  • People ready for love and marriage;
  • Those who would like to hook up and spend a great time together;
  • Beautiful mail brides that are ready to share their love;
  • Young ladies seeking friends and like-minded people.

So no matter what you want to reach when registering on a dating site, you will have a lot of options and will definitely get what you want. The functionality of mail order brides for buying a wife online has smart algorithms and aims to make the lives of users easier and more care-free. So you do not even need to be involved in the love search process in full. Just follow the best dating practices, and the target goal will not be long in coming.

What is it Like to Marry a Mail-order Bride?

Let’s assume that you have found the perfect girl thanks the bride service and decide to get married. Now your life will become more pleasant. Charming women respect traditional family values. Mail Order girlfriend understand that real happiness is possible next to a loving husband and contented children. Therefore, they pay more attention to creating an atmosphere of comfort and coziness in their home.

Also, you get not just a bride, but a real partner and soul mate, ready to work with you. A mail order bride will not want to sit at home and just receive expensive gifts. A real soulmate will try to find a good job and also replenish the family budget. So, you will not be alone, but there will always be a charming and attractive foreign wife next to you. This is especially important in difficult times when support and understanding are needed. Next to such a lady, even difficult trials become easier. Together with such a lady, you can reach new heights of career and personal growth.

How to Get a Mail Order Bride ? Full Guide

Rank Guide about Dating Mail Order Bride
1 Register an Account
2 Provide Detailed Info
3 Decide on Your Ideal Order Wife Online
4 Use the Search System
5 Be Open
6 Invite a Mail Order Bride for a Date

A couple of the most effective approaches work in most cases when it comes to apps to buy a bride online. Instead of making bling steps, you should always follow the tips of experts. Thus, you can count on the great result and will reduce the risks of failing.

Register an Account

To start using the best mail order brides services, you need to register an account in the system and verify it. Thus, your data will be added to the internal database, and you can start seeking or love. As a rule, modern matrimonial services provide you access to the full mail order bride catalog once you are in the internal system.

Provide Detailed Info

Be open and tell people who you are and who you are looking for. Writing about yourself, your interests, and your occupation in the main account will definitely work for you. All mail order wives registered in the system will know your type of your personality and will bombard you with messages. Interestingly, accounts full-packed with data are extremely popular among girls. Regardless of the cost of a mail-order bride, they prefer to contact people they know something about and have common ground with.

Decide on Your Ideal Order Wife Online

It is important that you know who you are looking for. Having specific requirements for your target mail order girlfriend significantly increases your chances to meet your love online or buy a wife. Instead of looking for an attractive and young girl, you should decide on your bride’s age, interests, and physical parameters.

Use the Search System

Once a fiance decides on the key parameters of a dream mail-order bride, one should use this information further. Most professional online dating services offer a smart on-site wife finder system that analyses all registered users’ profiles and comes with the suggested list of perfect free mail order brides for sale for you. Here, you can specify just any criteria – from the height and hair color of a lady to her attitude towards family, children, and even smoking. Such an approach will help you significantly save your time.

Be Open

Ladies love communicative men. So your mission is to be open when you talk to your bride. Share your interests and hobbies with her, do not forget to ask about what she is fond of and who she is looking for. Thus, you will get to know each other better and have an idea if you want to achieve it.

Invite a Mail Order Bride for a Date

If you feel that a mail order bride is just a perfect woman for you, then do not be shy to invite her on a real date. Of course, online chatting and video calls with your bride are good, but there is nothing that could substitute for face-to-face communication. So use this opportunity to see each other and give each other a hug.

Benefits of Using International Marriage Sites

There is no shadow of a doubt that legit mail order brides work. Every second person gets what he needs there. If you are new to this industry and do not know what magic is happening there, we are ready to list a couple of good reasons that will make you register:

  • Such services make online dating comfortable. Forget about stress when you need to start a communication with a girl you do not know. There is no need to step out of your comfort zone. Online dating with legit mail order brides services is just a perfect option for shy men and those who feel embarrassed in the company of attractive girls;
  • You can save your time (money and effort) when using services with foreign brides. You do not have to buy an expensive suite and go to a posh bar or restaurant to meet your bride. It is simple enough to register on a dating site and communicate with brides anytime you wish. You can stay at home and wear your favorite pajama;
  • You can buy mail order brides online. It is easier to meet your perfect-match person or buy a wife online than in real life. People always try to look better than they are. On dating sites, it works extremely effectively and easily. All are seeking the same – meet their love. That’s why they do not play any games; mail order spouses do not pretend to have a different personality. What is more, most mail order brides offer smart mail order brides matchmaking allowing you to find a wife online in a couple of clicks.

Are you busy, tired, or do not have an opportunity to date in real life? There is always a good solution in the form of online brides services that you can use any time you need.

Which is the World’s Best and Most Trustworthy Mail Order Bride Company?

Many companies are offering their services. We have carried out a thorough analysis and noted some of the best sites that offer services to users and cooperate with foreign brides in different regions.


About company

Convenient and high-quality matrimonial service has an excellent reputation and cooperates with beautiful women from Asian countries. The company does not just offer you a wife for sale but helps you find a bride. The site has a good reputation and rich experience.


  • Most profiles are verified, so you can be sure that you are talking with real girls;
  • Offers many opportunities for meaningful communication, including the assistance of a professional translator;
  • An excellent search algorithm that takes into account a large number of parameters, allows you to quickly find the perfect match;
  • Stylish site design, excellent functionality, and easy registration procedure;
  • Excellent cost of a monthly subscription;
  • Most users are family-oriented.


A new client can create a blog on the site for free, leave comments, view profiles of charming women, and set up search filters. Silver membership costs $14.88 (month), $28.88 (3 months), $68.88 (year). Gold membership costs $18.88 (month), $48.88 (3 months), $98.88 (year).


About company

Another responsible company that does not offer wives for sale, but helps to find a partner for a relationship. The dating site has been operating for more than ten years and managed to earn an excellent reputation among users. Efficiency, safety, and customer convenience are the main priorities of the company.


  • Good gender proportion (more than half of the profiles are female);
  • The company helps organize dates with charming foreign brides;
  • A high-quality partner search system that considers a large number of factors;
  • Ability to view photos of charming women and send winks for free;
  • Adequate cost of a monthly subscription;
  • There is no mobile application.


Chatting with charming Latina women is a paid feature available after depositing with a credit card. The cost of a paid subscription is $13.99 (month), $26.97 (3 months), $38.94 (6 months).


About company

High-quality and reliable Russian wife finder, where many charming women are registered. The matrimonial service has been operating for more than ten years and has already helped thousands of single men find brides here. In addition, the company managed to earn an excellent reputation and become one of the leaders in the segment.


  • Fast registration procedure;
  • High level of security;
  • Advanced search algorithm that allows you to quickly find the bride of your dreams: the program analyzes not only age or appearance, but also habits and character traits;
  • Free mobile application, well optimized for modern devices;
  • The company helps organize dates with beautiful Slavic women;
  • The minimum set of free features.


Matrimonial service uses internal currency to pay for services. The customer can buy coins with a credit card. The cost is $19.99 (150 coins), $149.99 (600 coins), and $299.99 (1500 coins).

How to Choose a Mail-Order Bride Service?

There are thousands of mail order bride services with foreign women who want to marry American men, and it is a real challenge to choose the one that would work Of course, if you are a seasoned user, then you most probably know what to pay attention to. The situation is completely different when it comes to newcomers and those who have never used such services before. If you refer yourself to the second category, then the below selection criteria will make your life easier. Picking the first website from the search results page will hardly work. You should always make an informed decision instead of picking a mail order brides catalog.

There are a lot of things that you can check when picking mail dating services with women looking for love. Some of them are minor and will not influence your dating success. However, there are still some critically important service features. Here is a shortlist of service features that you should be guided by when selecting a mail order bride agency to find your partner at.

Age, Reputation, Customer Reviews

We recommend that you give preference to well-established sites overseas that have been functioning for many years. At the same time, it is always important to check company reputation in the market as well are reviews from real customers. Thus, you will have a clear idea of the service you are going to use.

Site Users to Buy a Wife Online

All mail order brides sites are different and gather different user communities under their roof. For example, there are sites where you can meet a mail order bride from a post-soviet country/countries; some mail order brides websites offer a well-packed portfolio of other countries where you can buy a bride. There are also platforms with ladies who are over 40. That’s why it is so important to know who uses a dating platform and the target user group of the service. Otherwise, you find yourself in a place where you can date milfs or oversized ladies.

Communication Tools & Features

On online dating sites with women looking for American men, it is all about communication. Therefore, it is critically important to know what is being offered there. Can you make video calls or only text messages are allowed? Does the mail-order bride online platform offer professional translator’s services when you decide to buy a wife? Can you send a real gift to your mail order bride through the dating system? All these are important. So make sure you know what you can go when registered on a dating site.

Customer Support

There may be some cases when you need professional assistance and cannot wait too long. That’s why it is highly important to select International dating sites that offer around-the-clock mail support to their clients. Thus, you can be sure that your request is handled in a timely manner, and you do not have to wait.

Dating Experience

At this point, it is important to check whether a mail order bride service has a dedicated dating app, is mobile-friendly, and comes with an easy-to-use website to buy a wife. Of course, it is way more effective to use mail dating platforms that come with an intuitive interface and can be launched on any gadget. Thus, you can seek your internet bride 24/7, with no limits or restrictions.

Are There Any Mail Order Bride Agencies that are Legitimate?

 Yes, a large number of mail order bride websites operate under international laws. What’s more, there are corporations like FriendFinderNetwork or CupidMedia that are known all over the world. And most importantly, meeting women online and long-distance relationships are legal in almost all countries. But sometimes local services try to control migration and introduce additional rules.

For example, back in the early 2000s, the Australian government decided to introduce initiatives to restrict the arrival of foreign wives in the country. In the programs on television, there were programs about the difficult fate of the women who arrived, domestic violence, and other difficulties. The authorities paid attention to this and introduced additional control systems for these processes.

Also, it is worth paying attention to Belarus. But here the situation is different because the government is struggling with the outflow of women from the country. Many girls choose European and American men. Moreover, they are very popular in the West due to their beauty and wonderful character. The state has tried to develop additional restrictions on this process. A similar situation occurs in the Philippines, where it is officially forbidden to look for a husband abroad. But in the age of the Internet, these restrictions are ineffective. Most dating sites and marriage agencies operate in other jurisdictions, so these measures were unsuccessful.

We recommend that you choose a quality and legal service that does not just offer a purchase of a wife but helps to find happiness. Pay attention to the reputation of the company, read the reviews of real users and conduct a thorough analysis of the company. Also, read all documents and licenses – so you can be sure that you are cooperating with a reliable and high-quality service.

Where Can I Get a Mail Order Bride?

Mail order brides websites are the best places to search for single ladies. At professional mail order brides services, your chances of finding your future wife are high. Such platforms cater to single Westerners looking for women for marriage. So if you want to avoid chatting with women interested in a one-night stand and casual relationship, head to online marriage agencies.  

A reliable mail order bride website with an extensive experience will offer you:

  • a large database of mail order brides
  • advanced search tool (finding a woman by age, location, body type, ethnicity, height, and even habits is easy)
  • a matching algorithm that connects like-minded singles
  • instant messages with translation
  • video chat feature
  • photo sharing
  • virtual and real gifts 

 These features make connecting with single brides from various countries easy and exciting. Modern matrimonial services aim to make online dating very similar to real-life experience. Thanks to advanced video chatting with translation, foreign men can connect with women they fancy and enjoy rea;-time dates regardless of the distance.  

How Much Does a Mail Order Bride Cost?

This process consists of several stages.

  • Online communication. At this stage, you get to know each other better and try to understand the inner world of your partner. It is good that modern technologies make it possible to make online communication as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Also, it is worth saying a little about the prices and the average price for a mail order bride. Because most often this option is paid. The cost of a monthly subscription is about $40, and if you want to send gifts to a girl, then this option costs about $100-200.
  • The second stage is a real meeting. Online communication can last several weeks or months (this also affects the cost of the process). And then you can arrange a date with the girl you like. To do this, it will be necessary to resolve all issues with documents, buy a ticket for a woman, book a hotel room, etc. Remember that its residence and safety are your responsibility. Here you will have to spend about $4000.
  • Wedding. Suppose you are lucky enough to find a bride who understands you. And now you want to legitimize your relationship. The wedding ceremony can be modest or chic – it all depends on your preferences. But we recommend making this day perfect for you and your mail order bride. After all, this event can become the happiest in your life, and let it be remembered. The average cost of the ceremony is about $10,000.

A legit mail order brides costs between $5,000 and 20,000. The mail order brides cost depends on the location, the period you are using a mail order bride site, and the services you use. Usually, it takes about six months for a man to find a perfect match. Eastern European women tend to be the most popular among American bachelors. To buy a bride from Russia, Ukraine, or Belarus can cost you up to $20,000. Brides from these countries get a lot of attention from Western men, so you will have to be prepared to fight for their attention. It means that you will have to spend some of your money.

Local mail order girlfriends constantly receive messages and expensive presents from Westerner guys. You should be prepared to compete and impress them to conquer their hearts. Eastern European girls are known for being some of the most beautiful. They make excellent wives and loyal life partners. This is why the competition for a Slavic wife is so big. 

To get a mail order wife from one of the Eastern European countries, you will have to become a premium member of a mail order bride service. Apart from paying a monthly fee for premium membership, expect to spend money on a professional translation service, private video chat sessions, and gifts. You will have to spend money on coming to one of these countries and renting an apartment for a certain period, or you will have to buy a ticket for a woman to visit you. 

A significant number of American men find these prices affordable. For many of them, it is a dream come true to find a stunning Slavic woman for marriage online. Numerous success stories shared at top-rated mail order brides services prove that. Once you find and connect with a charming Eastern European lady online, you will be willing to pay any price to see her in real life and hear her saying “Yes” when proposed. 

Is the Practice of Marrying a Mail Order Bride Moral?

Of course. The process of buying a wife is immoral, and finding a soul mate on dating sites is a great option. Because you want to find a soul mate for a serious relationship and marriage. And if she lives far away from you, then these are just circumstances that need to be overcome. And modern services offer the best conditions, thanks to which this search becomes easy and enjoyable.

  • Save time. Dating on the street can be difficult for shy men. Or simply impossible if you live in a small town and dream of an Asian bride. And registration on a dating site opens up access to a large database of users ready for dialogue;
  • Saving money. Traveling to another country to find a mail order bride can take a very long time. Everything becomes easier if you communicate on a dating site. Moreover, you can chat with your wife online for free – some platforms offer this option. Therefore, you save not only time but also money.

Final Say

Online dating services and similar online platforms boast huge popularity among different categories of users. And there are many good reasons proving that. First of all, such mail order bride websites are good for establishing connections between husbands and real mail order brides from different countries. What is more, it is a safe dating approach that works well. If you seek your mail order love, you should consider resorting to mail order brides service. They are packed with girls, are easy to use, and allow meeting mail girlfriends in a couple of hours (and even minutes). Follow the above tips and recommendations to get the maximum out of using buy wives online services and build your own success stories.

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