How And Where To Meet Single Women: Best Ideas In 2024

Last Updated on March 3, 2023

If you wish to meet single women, you may use various options. Today, it is possible to use traditional dating means like going out with friends, but you could also benefit from other options. This article is all about the ways of meeting single women. Some options might be more useful than others considering where you live and how much free time you have.

Ideas Of Where To Meet Single Women

If you wish to find out ways of how to meet single ladies, you have plenty of options. You might think there aren’t that many options, but read the following section and you will find a pleasant surprise. There is no best place to meet single women, but only because there are many places and ways. You don’t have to restrict yourself to just one option, you can combine them.

Ask Friends Or Relatives

Just say “I want to meet a single woman” when you meet your friends. You may think your social circle isn’t very big, but that’s the point of asking friends – they have other friends who may know single women who want to start dating. You may ask your relatives if you have good relationships with them.

The idea is worthy of consideration since your nearest and dearest want you to be happy. Your friends and relatives are interested in seeing you happy, so they will put extra effort into hooking you up with someone great. That’s how you may meet single women for marriage without even putting much effort.

Use Online Dating Apps

One of the easiest ways to find single women is to use dating apps. Most singles have their lives with work and studying, or both. Most of these singles don’t have much time to go out. Moreover, going out every time is not as cheap as you’d think, especially if you wish to meet a woman as soon as possible.

Dating apps fix the problem of not having time and spending less money. Yes, quality dating apps require spending, but you still do not spend as much as when you go out. Just out of curiosity, you may calculate how much you spend on going out during one month.

Include expenses on gas that you spend when using a car unless you have an electric car. Most likely, you spend more during a month when going out than when you buy a subscription. You can check out the prices of the most popular dating websites below in the article, and then compare how much you spend within a month on traditional dating to meet single women.

Meet Single Women

Ask Colleagues

If you wish to meet single women, you can ask your colleagues. If you have several co-workers with whom you are in good relationships. They might know single women who want to meet single guys. You may even meet someone at work, maybe, not in your department to not make things weird if your relationship won’t work out. But asking won’t hurt, so give it a try if you are determined to change status from “single” to “in a relationship” or even “married”.

Sign Up For Hobby Or Learning Classes

If you wish to meet single girls, you can consider subscribing to various interesting classes. If you have always wanted to learn a foreign language, you can now subscribe. And while you are learning, you may get a chance to meet a pretty single woman. If you have always wanted to learn how to cook, then just find any classes in your area and try your luck. Yes, it might be an investment, but it will be useful since you can learn something important and new.

Consider Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is something not many people think of. Consider what would you wish to improve in your city. For example, you want to help dog-cat shelters so that homeless animals find their owners. Or you always wanted to help homeless people, etc.

This might not be the best way to meet a single woman, but there is a possibility. While volunteering, you can meet a woman who also wants to help people or fix a citation in a city. First, this is a guarantee that you meet an empathetic woman, which is great for serious romantic relationships. Second, you have at least something in common – a view on a problem you wish to fix.

Change Habits

If you wish to increase your social circle and meet local single women, start changing places. For example, instead of going out to your favorite bar, find another one. Or if you are used to dining in one restaurant, try to find another one. Go to different clubs, walk your dog (if you have one) in a different park, go to a different beach, etc.

Travel More

If you wish to meet beautiful single women from other countries, traveling is one of the most exciting ways to do so. You may meet the single girl of your dreams, fall in love, and start dating. Naturally, long-distance relationships might be tricky, but with modern tech, it’s not so difficult. We can travel to different countries whenever we want, and video calls make it easier to communicate when you can’t see each other in person.

Unusual Ways

If you are wondering what are the unusual ways to meet beautiful single ladies, then here are a couple of ideas:

  • multiplayer online games;
  • visiting the church (if you are a believer);
  • visiting various events held by diasporas.

Yes, it is definitely surprising, but online games with communities of players actually work. If you are a gamer and have time, you may consider downloading something fun. Another idea is visiting the church, but, naturally, only if you are a believer. It’s a thing, you can get acquainted with people you haven’t met yet from your neighborhood.

If you live in a multinational country, you can visit some events hosted by diasporas. It’s a fun way to spend time, even people from your neighborhood may be of foreign descent. You can visit the event, socialize, taste traditional cuisine, and invite someone to host your very own cultural event.

Websites To Meet Girls From Abroad

There are many good-quality websites where you may meet single ladies. Here are the best dating sites to meet single women out there. And a bonus with a free to use dating app further in the article.


Badoo main page

If you wish to meet a single lady from any European country, Badoo might be your perfect option. The platform was founded by a Russian businessman, and it was mainly popular in Russia until it went viral in Europe. Today, it is one of the biggest European dating apps where you may meet gorgeous girls from Europe.

Free features Using search filters, viewing profiles, answering messages of premium members.
Prices The prices start at $12, buying longer subscriptions allows you to save money.
Contacting members Through video and voice calls, chatting, using icebreakers.
Discounts When buying longer subscription plans.
Safety measures HTTPS certificate, monitoring suspicious activity, other measures.


main page

If meeting single women online sounds fun to you, then you should definitely try This dating website makes your fun experience even better by offering precise matchmaking and various compatibility tests. Match is a known name in the online dating industry, and it offers a possibility to make meaningful connections. A perfect option if you are considering marriage.

Free features Using search filters, basic matchmaking, creating a profile, liking photos, adding to favorites.
Prices Offers Premium and Standard subscriptions. The Standard subscription unlocks all functions, but without additional boosts. It costs $13 per month, you don’t need a Premium.
Contacting members Through messaging, video and voice calls, other special features.
Discounts Only if you buy a longer subscription plan.
Safety measures HTTPS certificate, monitoring suspicious activity, using other means of protecting members.


EliteSingles main page

If you are interested in marrying someone, then Elite Singles is a great choice. The website has a hint in the name – it’s a place where successful people meet other successful people. Elite Singles have one of the best matchmaking systems out there. You may be sure that you get matched to a perfect partner.

Free features Search filters, matchmaking, sending winks, viewing profiles.
Prices The site offers three plans depending on your budget. The cheapest is $35 per month, but it’s the shortest plan.
Contacting members Through messages, icebreakers, special features.
Discounts Only if you purchase longer subscriptions.
Safety measures HTTPS certificate, antivirus software, monitoring suspicious activity.


Mamba main page

If you wish to meet single women to date from Russia, then Mamba might be an interesting website to choose. The website initially was popular in Russia, but now is popular in all of Europe. The website has a social network vibe and a very friendly atmosphere. If you wish to find a girlfriend from abroad, note, Mamba is one of the most popular international sites in Europe.

Free features Viewing profiles. using search filters, sending winks.
Prices One month of using the site costs $14
Contacting members Texting, using winks.
Discounts Only if you purchase longer plans.
Safety measures HTTPS certificate, monitoring suspicious activity.

Top Free Site To Meet Single Women

If you wish to meet pretty single women who want men, you can use some free options. For example, Facebook Dating. You may have never heard of it, but this is a free app to match users with some similar interests. Now you know where to meet single ladies on paid websites, check out this free option. Maybe, it will satisfy your needs and you won’t even have to pay.

Facebook Dating

This option is free, but just like any other dating site, has its flaws. In this case, the flaw is the matchmaking system. On one hand, it’s great that the system offers you to contact friends of your friends, since it’s much safer and potentially effective. On the other hand though, the system may keep recommending those options that aren’t good for you. For example, friends that you already know and have no romantic interest in. But still, it’s an option.


So, now you know how to meet single women, and that there is more than just one traditional way. You can change your habits, ask nearest and dearest for help, and use dating websites. The best way to meet a perfect girl is to combine all these methods. It might take a while to find someone with similar goals and views, but if you are determined, you can achieve anything.

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