How And Where To Meet Japanese Women: Best Ideas In 2024

Last Updated on March 3, 2023

Some people are lucky, and they meet their significant others early in life. Then they get married, have children, and enjoy their happily ever after. But some people might feel more comfortable when dating foreigners. For example, a lot of men want to meet Japanese women because of their beauty, femininity, and special charm.

Thanks to modern tech, anyone can meet a Japanese lady. Today, we travel to various countries, use online apps, and even meet love via online games. You should read the article to learn where to meet Japanese ladies. You can also learn about online dating and safety tips.

A Description Of A Japanese Woman

If one day you wake up with the thought, “I want to meet a Japanese woman”, you may need to figure out whether you are compatible. It probably wasn’t like that, and you have been thinking about dating charming ladies from Japan for a while. But still, before reading about the best place to meet Japanese women, check the characteristic of a typical lady from Japan:

  • Intelligent and wise.
  • Family-oriented.
  • Respect for older and wiser people.
  • Behavior due to etiquette (cultural thing).
  • Hard-working.
  • Love for children.

A special thing about amazing Japanese women is that they seem to know how to behave on the intuitive level. This trait is common among men too. The culture in Japan is revolving around respect. It’s extremely fun to hang out with these beautiful ladies, but they always know how to behave appropriately.

Meet Japanese Women

Ideas Of Where To Meet Japanese Singles

If you are thinking about how to meet Japanese women, check out some of the suggestions below. The best way to meet a Japanese woman, in your case, is to seek local ladies. That way, you can make sure that you don’t overlook an opportunity to meet a gorgeous lady of Japanese descent in your city or country. If you can’t meet anyone nearby, proceed with the following tips.

Travel To Japan

The simplest idea of where to meet local Japanese women is to travel to the said country. Japan is an amazing country, and if you love traveling, you have probably been there. It is not just the center of a centuries old culture, it’s also a place with many unique places to visit. While having fun in Japan, you might meet a girl who isn’t against dating a foreigner.

Use Dating Apps

To meet pretty Japanese women looking for men from abroad, you may simply need to download and install an app. Many great-quality websites offer good services. Websites are categorized by the purpose of dating – casual encounters, serious romantic relationships, sex, etc. That way, you can find a gorgeous lady from Japan even without leaving the country!

Ask Friends Or Colleagues If They Know Someone

Consider asking people you have connections with if they know someone from Japan. You may be surprised, but your friends could know someone. That’s how you can meet pretty Japanese women who want men for serious romantic relationships. It’s a safe option, and most likely, your friends will hook you up with someone you will like.

Websites To Meet Girls From Japan

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to find someone is to use dating sites to meet Japanese women. Check out a few suggestions mentioned in the article to have an understanding where you should begin your journey.


main page

To meet Japanese girls in the US or Canada, you can use Match. The website is highly popular in the US and Canada, and you might get lucky to find a lady of Japanese descent in your city. If not, Match is also popular in other countries. Match even has categories by country, and Japan is available.

Free features View members, use filters, get basic matchmaking suggestions.
Prices Has 2 plans, the cheaper one unlocks everything you need except for boosts. Its cost is $13 per month.
Contacting members Through chats, video and voice calls, icebreakers, custom website’s features.
Discounts No special discounts, only when buying longer subscriptions.
Safety measures HTTPS certificate to enable safety of users’ data, regular checks of users’ activity, antivirus software.


JapanCupid main page

The current website belongs to a famous Cupid media. It has millions of users from all over the world. The site caters to the interests of men who wish to meet ladies from Japan, and women, who want to find love from abroad.

Free features View profiles of other members, use matchmaking (get advice and offers), send interest, use search filters.
Prices Has Gold and Platinum subscriptions. One month of Gold subscription is $30. The longer the plan you buy, the lower the cost.
Contacting members Send messages, use icebreakers.
Discounts No special discounts, only when buying longer subscriptions.
Safety measures HTTPS certificate to enable safety of users’ data, antivirus software.


Asiandate main page

The mentioned website is of a mail-order bride type. It is used by men and women who want to get married. You can meet women from Asian countries on AsianDate. The site doesn’t have a lot of features, but all of them are useful. For example, a call that involves an interpreter in case you don’t speak Japanese and the woman you date doesn’t speak English. Overall, the site is interesting and worthy of your attention.

Free features Creating an account and profile, getting basic matchmaking recommendations, seeing who is verified, viewing profiles.
Prices 20 credits = $16.
Contacting members Sending messages, virtual gifts, icebreakers, voice calls.
Discounts Only if you purchase bigger bundles with credits.
Safety measures Protected Internet connection, antivirus software.


EliteSingles main page japanese

On EliteSingles, men and women meet successful individuals. The majority of people usingEliteSingles have higher education, have great careers, and overall are ready to settle down. It is mainly popular in the US and Canada, but you can meet Japanese women even in your city.

Free features View profiles, use search filters, get matchmaking suggestions, use some basic personality and compatibility tests.
Prices Has three plans, Comfort is the cheapest since it’s the longest. Goes for $18 per month.
Contacting members Send messages, use icebreakers, and other special features of the platform.
Discounts No special discounts, only when buying longer subscriptions.
Safety measures HTTPS certificate to enable safety of users’ data, antivirus software, regular checks of users’ activity.

Top Free Site To Meet Japanese Women

There isn’t a wide variety of free options to choose from. Usually, free websites do not offer the best quality. But there is one option known to everyone on the planet – Tinder. Check out more about how you can meet a woman from Japan on Tinder below.


Tinder main page

It’s a well-known free dating app popular nearly everywhere in the world. It doesn’t allow you to search by country or region, but you can benefit from Tinder while traveling to Japan. You may get matched to a cute and adorable Japanese woman who is into foreign guys.

Free features Everything except for rewind, opposite matches, and some boosts.
Prices You don’t need to pay to use Tinder. The app has several premium membership plans, the cheapest starts at $10.
Contacting members Through chats, video and voice calls, icebreakers.
Discounts No special discounts, only when buying longer subscriptions.
Safety measures Safe Internet connection, antivirus software, other measurements.

Online Dating: Etiquette And Safety Tips

If you want to meet Japanese women to date, it’s not only important to find a perfect website but to know the tips. Online dating might not seem like rocket science, and it’s not. But still, a few nuances should be considered.

For example, when dating online meeting Japanese women, it is important to be aware of the mentality of women from Japan. But it’s also wise to learn about the tips that will enable you to meet exactly who you wish to meet.

How Do Date Online: Simple Rules

Apart from the safety rules mentioned below in the article, it is important to learn about the general online dating tips. If you want to meet single Japanese women online, and you want this experience to be successful, here are a few important tips:

  • Use your real photos. If you don’t want to just find Japanese women, but also earn the trust of a lady you like, you need to reveal your face. Better use photos from different angles. If it’s possible, use voice calls to talk, this might help you to build trust.
  • Be honest with your intentions. If you want to meet Japanese women for marriage and marry one of these beauties, be straightforward. Note this fact in your profile, and be sure to fill the application with correct info related to your personality. If you want to meet single Japanese ladies for casual relationships, make sure to state that.
  • Don’t rely on stereotypes. If you have met someone online, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the Japanese nation from an actual Japanese woman. Learn more about this lady, and build your relationships based on this info.
  • Be polite. Online platforms offer space to meet love, friendship, make connections, etc. But it’s also a place where weird people hang out. Even if someone is being rude, just block them.

These simple tips should make your online dating experience positive. If you meet beautiful Japanese ladies online, make sure to be honest about your intentions. Honesty is the best thing in any relationship – casual or long-term.

Safety Tips When Dating Online

It is clear why so many men want to meet beautiful Japanese women – they are absolutely stunning! But when using online platforms to meet love, it’s important to make sure you are safe. Here are some tips:

  • Use websites only with HTTPS certificates. HTTPS connection means that your personal data is secure and can’t be altered, collected, or sold to a third party.
  • Use websites with the majority of real profiles. All sites have fake profiles, and you might meet a Japanese girl who isn’t even Japanese or a girl. It’s easy to detect such profiles – they usually have one photo, and it is too professional.
  • Report users who ask for money. You might think you won’t fall for such a scheme but consider this. You spend time with a lady online, get to know each other better, fall in love, and then she talks about a relative who is dying in the hospital, so she needs money. Report this user, it could be a fake profile.
  • Do not disclose your personal info related to health, insurance, bank accounts, etc. It’s pretty clear, do not fall for any scams that ask you important info.

As you see, just several rules can keep you safe. When we try to meet love and open up our hearts, we might put our trust into the wrong people. Use these tips to make sure you find the right person with the heart of gold.


To meet Japanese women, you can simply travel to Japan. It is certainly a great idea since the country is absolutely amazing. But if you want an easier option, use dating websites to meet beautiful Japanese women. You can even use dating apps to meet Japanese women nearby – you never know whether these ladies live in your city until you check.

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