How And Where To Meet German Women: Best Ideas In 2024

Last Updated on March 3, 2023

If you wish to meet German women, you have a plethora of options to choose from. Starting from traveling to Germany to using dating websites. But in between these two options, you can benefit from some other methods of meeting gorgeous girls from abroad. This article is dedicated to ways of meeting girls from Germany. Check it out to learn about all the places to meet beauties and how to keep yourself safe when dating online.

Why Would You Want To Meet German Women?

If you wake up in the morning with the thought, “I want to meet an German woman!”, you can start working towards achieving your dream. But are you sure German women are the type of ladies you would love to date?

Before you meet German women for marriage, consider finding out more about these beauties. For example, the following characteristics are rather common among women from Germany:

  • Independent and hard-working.
  • Confident and determined.
  • Intelligent and wise.
  • Easy-going and friendly.
  • Emotionally mature.

When dating a German woman, you date an equal. Most women from the said country are intelligent, independent, and determined. They prefer investing in their education, then gaining a career, and then getting married. They are OK with casual and serious dating, it depends on the period of their life and what they want. It’s fun and easy to hang out with these beautiful ladies since over 50% of them are OK when meeting new people.

If you wish to meet single German ladies, check out the following sections of the article to learn how. You would be surprised, but visiting Germany is not the only best way to meet a German woman. You have multiple opportunities to meet love, some might even surprise you.

Meet German Women

Ideas Of Where To Meet German Singles

When someone wants to meet pretty German women looking for men from abroad, men think they need to visit Germany or find other places where women from the said country hang out. But is this the only way? Check out how to meet German women in the following paragraphs.

Dating Apps

To meet beautiful German women, you don’t have to travel to Germany or around the world. Although traveling is an amazing option to meet love, so you may consider it. To meet a German girl, you can simply download and install a dating app or use a dating website.

Travel To Germany

What could be the best place to meet German women if not Germany? If you are determined to meet local German women, visiting Germany should be a great opportunity. To increase your success chances, you may use Tinder while in Germany. This way, you can quickly meet someone nearby interested in romantic relationships.

If you work for a company that has offices in Germany, you may ask for a relocation. Or if you aren’t tied to your city by working remotely, you may spend quite some time in the said country. It’s a better option if you are into serious romantic relationships. This way, you can convince a woman you like that you have serious intentions since you won’t travel back home.

Ask Friends

Today, people meet German women to date simply because they ask their friends if they know someone. You don’t know all of your friends, so it is possible that some of your nearest and dearest can hook you up with a beauty from Germany.

Go On Vacation

If you go on a vacation where you can meet German girls, you may be very lucky and meet the girl of your dreams. Check out what countries are the most popular among German women, and try visiting a few of them. The atmosphere of a resort, the romance in the air, and the overall desire to fall in love might help you in meeting your destiny.

Websites To Meet Girls From Germany

There are several websites to meet pretty German women who want men from abroad. All mentioned websites in this article are rather safe to use. These dating sites to meet German women are paid, but you can also proceed with reading to find free or cheap options.

I Like You

ILikeYou main page

This website is one of the cheapest sites in Europe. Yes, the audience does not entirely consist of women from Germany, but there are plenty of amazing ladies to choose from. The website has a good matchmaking system and offers some additional features. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to overpay.

Free features Everything except seeing who other people like and getting boosts.
Prices Starts from $8 for a month, $3.84 per month if you buy half a year. Can be used free of charge.
Contacting members Texting and liking photos.
Discounts When purchasing longer plans.
Safety measures Safe Internet connection, antivirus software.


Badoo main page

The website was found by a Russian businessman. Around a decade ago, it became popular with Eastern and Western European countries. On Badoo, you will find several thousands of profiles belonging to gorgeous girls from Germany. It’s rather cheap to buy a subscription on Badoo, especially when compared to the prices of the US-based websites.

Free features Responding to members with premium accounts, search filters and basic matchmaking, Lookalike function, checking who viewed your profile, using icebreakers.
Prices Prices start at $12 per month, you may purchase a lifetime subscription for just $80. Credits to get boosts are available to purchase.
Contacting members Texting via chat, icebreakers, liking photos.
Discounts When purchasing longer subscription plans.
Safety measures Safe Internet connection, antivirus software.


eHarmony main page german

The eHarmony platform has, probably, one of the best matchmaking systems out there. eHarmony is used by individuals who are interested in romance and serious relationships. Considering the successful work of eHarmony, they have rather reasonable prices, so consider trying to use the site.

Free features Using icebreakers, basic matchmaking, viewing profiles, participating in basic tests, getting match recommendations (to an extent).
Prices eHarmony offers plans from 6 to 24 months. First subscription costs $66 per month, second plan – $35 per month. You can also buy a yearly subscription. The best value is two years but needs a whole payment.
Contacting members Messaging, video calling, using icebreakers.
Discounts When purchasing longer subscriptions.
Safety measures Safe Internet connection, monitoring users’ activity, antivirus software.


Mamba main page

If you wish to meet beautiful German ladies, consider Mamba. The website with an exotic name offers a huge audience based in Europe. It was initially popular in Russia, but today, it is one of the most popular sites in Europe. You can easily meet gorgeous German women on this platform.

Free features Viewing profiles, enjoying basic matchmaking, filters, sending winks.
Prices One week – $9.14, one month – $14.
Contacting members Video and voice calls, messaging, using special Mamba features.
Discounts When purchasing longer plans.
Safety measures Safe Internet connection, antivirus software.


Parship main page german

If you were thinking about where to meet German ladies, consider another popular website in Europe – Parship. The site caters to the interests of men and women who want to meet perfect partners. Parship has a very good matchmaking system, and overall, the platform relies on years of experience.

Free features Sending smiles (icebreaking feature), enjoying basic personality compatibility tests, viewing matches.
Prices Starts with $30 per month (3-months), but longer subscriptions have better prices.
Contacting members Through messaging and sending smiles.
Discounts When purchasing longer subscription plans.
Safety measures Safe Internet connection, antivirus software.


EliteSingles german

If you were seeking a place where successful people hang out online, then consider you found it – EliteSingles. The website caters to the interests of singles with serious intentions. Moreover, it connects successful people from all over the world, and yes, German women use EliteSingles.

Free features Doing the questionnaire, using search filters and the basic matchmaking system, viewing profiles.
Prices Offers three plans – from 3 to 12 months. The best value is a yearly subscription that goes for $18 per month.
Contacting members Messaging, “winking”.
Discounts When purchasing longer subscriptions.
Safety measures Safe Internet connection, antivirus software, monitoring suspicious activity (per user’s request too).

Top Free Site To Meet German Women

If you wish to learn how to meet German ladies online without paying to use dating services, check out the following options. Tinder might not be as effective as the other two sites, but you can still use it when traveling.


Lumen main page

It’s a free of charge website with all features available without unlocking a premium profile. Lumen is used by older people, possibly, divorced or even widowed. There is always time for love, and Lumen proves it.

Free features All features are free.
Prices Free (upgrade costs $25 to unlock all conversation slots).
Contacting members Messaging (up to 12 conversations per day for free).
Discounts Not available.
Safety measures Safe Internet connection.


Tinder main page

If you are looking for something free of charge, then Tinder should be one of the options. It’s a well-known app that doesn’t even need a description.

Free features Everything is free except for certain boosts (you don’t need them to meet a date).
Prices Free (or start from $10 if you prefer paying for boosts).
Contacting members Chatting, voice calls.
Discounts When purchasing longer subscription plans.
Safety measures Safe Internet connection, other measures.

Our Time

OurTime main page

Another free to use site for older people. It has a rather big audience, and the name is well-known in the online dating industry. It’s fun and safe to use.

Free features All features are free.
Prices Free
Contacting members Texting, using icebreakers.
Discounts When purchasing longer plans.
Safety measures Safe Internet connection, antivirus software.

Online Dating Tips

If you wish to meet single German women online, you have several dating websites to choose from. But how to be successful when trying to meet someone on dating apps? This section of the article should help you with getting acquainted with the world of online dating.

Dating Etiquette

If you are considering meeting German women online, you need to learn a bit about their mentality. And also, learn a few tricks about dating online to make sure you meet the right person:

  • Be honest. Make sure to be clear about your intentions, tastes, personality traits, and who you wish to meet. If you are honest, the system connects you with the right type of woman.
  • Be polite. It’s never a bad idea to be polite when you are talking to someone. If someone is being rude, you can just block them or report to support.
  • Use your real photos. It is a proven fact that people feel more comfortable when they know how the person looks. Use your photos from different angles, so women trust you more.

Other than that, online dating is no different from traditional dating. You can spend time with someone you like, flirt, have fun, etc. The thing that you do need to take care of when trying to meet a German lady online is your safety. If you use online sites and someone starts asking you for money, tell stories about their ill relatives, it is most likely a scam.


You can find German women anywhere, even by just asking your friends. As you now know, you may use various ways of meeting gorgeous German women, but the best option is combining some of them. For example, when traveling, use Tinder. Or use serious romantic websites, but keep using other ways of meeting beauties from Germany.

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