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Updated on Mar 2023

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Bulgaria is an incredibly wonderful calm country located in the central part of Europe. This location makes it a popular destination for Western tourists who desire to find a sophisticated Bulgarian mail order bride. Since holidays abroad became common, Western grooms began to visit sunny Bulgaria and become familiar with local culture, thereby becoming a Bulgarian wife finder referring to the marriage bond.

Over the years, the popularity of incredible Bulgarian mail-order brides has grown so much. And now, foreign tourists tend to go to Bulgaria to meet their love, and then relax surrounded by that very sunny Bulgarian bride. Worthy Western gentlemen state that Bulgarian girls for marriage can become the image of an ideal mate. Many foreign guys come to the country with the intention to meet local mail-order brides. If you want to find a very charming, intelligent and family life woman, then local single ladies is the best choice! A Bulgarian wife knows her worth and becomes an ideal supporter.

Why Do Bulgarian Women For Marriage Become Ideal Wives?

Many features make Bulgarian wives online so desirable. The main desire of local European women is to build strong family ties with reliable and responsible men, in contrast to the cold American careerists. At the same time, many Western husbands are wondering what makes beautiful Bulgarian brides for marriage seeking foreigners with whom they can marry successfully:

  • Desire to discover a new culture. A Bulgarian bride for sale is really curious about what is happening in her country. Consequently, local women are educated in other parts of the world, travel a lot and try to find foreign husbands. Many Bulgarian mail order wives live with their foreign husbands in Bulgaria or other parts of the world. As positive reviews show, couples are happy together once and for all.
  • Opportunities to open new pursuits. A beautiful Bulgarian mail order wife is a talented girl who prefers to develop her life in different spheres. Often local charming women wish to find the necessary occupation in their home country. At a young age, Bulgarian brides for marriage may want to go abroad. As these lovely ladies get older, they tend to look for foreign men overseas.
  • Lack of suitable local guys. The number of brave boys in Bulgaria is large. Still, the cultural level is lower than in successful European countries. Bulgarian women for sale want to find someone romantic and caring. Thus, men from other regions are ideal in the eyes of pretty Bulgarian brides.

Bulgarian Mail Order Brides

Best Reasons to Buy a Bulgarian Wife: Characteristics


Pretty Bulgarian women looking for marriage have wonderful and graceful appearances. The reason is that a Bulgarian woman always remembers that she is beautiful and attractive everywhere and everywhere. Mail order women in Sofia are not used to wearing pants! Usually, local brides prefer feminine and classic clothes. Almost all of them wear dresses and skirts.

European women from Bulgaria can surprise and interest an outsider who has come to live in Bulgaria. Apart from clothing, there is one more thing that suits Western men and motivates them to get Bulgarian mail order brides. Men from sunny Bulgaria are attracted by their specific behavior. The ability to demand to put on chic shoes, to walk down the street in such a way that nobility and charm are felt in the simplest and most ordinary actions! This feature of being feminine distinguishes local women from Americans. Local Bulgarian brides is a priceless treasure for courageous men!

Outgoing & Communicative

At first glance, you will be suggesting hot young brides as joyful and wayward. But this is only a first impression. On the contrary, mail-order brides from Bulgaria are very kind and chatty. Bulgarian girls for marriage are tender to strangers. This is really great for those who want to find a wife in Bulgaria.


A cheerful attitude towards life makes women in Bulgaria desirable for marriage. It’s great to make connections with a Bulgarian wife who always remains positive, shares good emotions and cheers up her chosen one by all means. Either way, this great feature keeps family relationships strong. Pretty women from Bulgaria have a great sense of humor and jokingly accept even serious situations. Moreover, gorgeous Bulgarian women love to smile all the time and throw parties or romantic evenings for no reason. Find a Bulgarian bride to enjoy her company all the time!


Sometimes a single Bulgarian woman achieves better business results than local men and even some American women. The root cause lies in the desire to continually work and develop skills. Bulgarian women try to combine personal life and work. These women have achieved tremendous results even better than women of other nationalities. Buy a bride in Bulgaria to become someone special!

Caring Mothers

Foreign brides in Bulgaria are very concerned about giving their children a fun ticket to the end, or rather, excellent guidance. Local women work hard to provide their future children with an average or near-ideal standard of living. Mothers from Bulgaria strive to give new emotions and a future to their descendants.

Particular attention is paid to learning English as the most important tool for building an effective career. This is how Bulgarian women do it. The spouses of the Bulgarians tried to do their best to make their children happy. In the end, Bulgarian mail order women bring up talented children.

Professional & Talented Chefs

You will appreciate all kinds of dishes prepared by a Bulgarian wife. But there is nothing like a plate of delicious pasta prepared by a local woman. They perceive the kitchen very correctly. Lunch is a minimum of three courses, and there is always plenty of wine. Food is some kind of communication. Therefore, the fastest way to the heart of a foreign spouse is through the stomach. This is a great reason to order a Bulgarian bride.

Dating Bulgarian Women Tips: Best Recommendations

  • Be positive and open-minded. Show a sense of humor and an optimistic point of view towards your beloved mail-order bride. This will make your communication more lively and will help you establish a closer relationship with the lovely lady from Bulgaria.
  • Surprise her. Bulgarian brides love unexpected pleasant things. Use this to make her love or like you.
  • Treat her like a queen. Flamboyant pretties love to be the center of attention. Compliment your Bulgarian girlfriend as often as possible and show your affection in any way!
  • Be polite and courteous. Bulgarian brides love real gentlemen. According to local culture, politeness is a matter of course.
  • Always offer her something new. Monotony quickly bothers Bulgarian women. So don’t let your lady get bored. Always do your best to add something new to your relationship.
  • Be relaxed. Relax when interacting with your new bride. Don’t be afraid to do something wrong or show your weaknesses. Brides of this peculiar nationality are very tolerant of other people’s shortcomings, taking them quite adequately.
  • Be nice to her parents and friends. These people mean a lot to your gorgeous Bulgarian bride. So, always try to be on friendly terms with her environment and family.
  • Be generous when it comes to gifts. Bulgarian brides love surprises. And it can be not only a trip to an interesting place or a joint romantic dinner! It can also be a nice and pleasant gift.

Wedding Traditions in Bulgaria

Wedding traditions in Bulgaria date back to the olden days, and many of them date back more than a single century. As in many countries, a good wedding is preceded by a matchmaking ceremony. Previously, in Bulgaria, matchmakers came to the bride’s house late in the evening. This was due to the fact that it is never known what the response of the bride’s parents would be. So this whole ritual was kept secret.

  • After a positive answer is given to the matchmakers, an engagement day is appointed. The engagement is celebrated noisily on a grand scale. Usually, future relatives present each other with symbolic gifts, designate a conditional ransom for the guard bride and discuss the details of the upcoming wedding. In the old days, during the engagement, the groom’s parents gave the bride gold coins. The girl wore this jewelry until the wedding. By this, she showed that she was engaged and would soon become a young wife.
  • Weddings in Bulgaria are usually celebrated in autumn or winter. There is an explanation for this tradition. In the spring and summer, predominantly rural Bulgaria was busy with fieldwork. Thus, during this period, large events were not celebrated due to the employment of people.
  • Earlier, a special ceremony was the weaving of a wedding wreath for a charming bride. It was presented to a young girl before the arrival of the groom. Over time, this tradition was replaced by various wedding accessories for the bride’s dress which was bought by the groom’s relatives.
  • The wedding is often celebrated on Sunday. On this day, the groom puts on a festive costume which is distinguished by a towel embroidered in the national style. The towel is presented to the groom at the bride’s party during the engagement.
  • Having gathered, the groom with the matchmakers and surrounded by relatives go to the bride. Upon arrival, the bride herself meets the matchmakers. She is dressed in regular clothes. After treating the guests, she leaves to put on the wedding attire. While the bride is getting ready, her relatives pass the dowry to the groom’s side in response to the ransom they provided.
  • After the lady is ready, the young are blessed and sent to a church. Previously, wedding dresses were made in the national style. Today, it is the usual white wedding dress.
  • After the wedding ceremony in the church, the newlyweds go to the groom’s house where their mother-in-law is waiting for them. The newlyweds are treated with bread, wine, and sweets so that the young are pleasant to each other. Then the wedding feast begins. Special honor and respect are given to matchmakers.
  • The final ceremony in the wedding ceremony is a festive dinner. It is set for all relatives and friends who took an active part in the wedding preparations. As a rule, this time the newlyweds themselves serve the relatives.

Buy a Bulgarian Wife

Marriage Legalization in Bulgaria

If you are a US citizen and wish to marry a Bulgarian citizen in Bulgaria, then the Bulgarian authorities require you to make a declaration before a US consular officer. Just swear that you are legally eligible to marry a charming legitimate Bulgarian mail order bride. Follow some legalization statements to become a foreign spouse in Bulgaria:

The full name of the US citizen is indicated (bring your US passport), as well as the full name, date of birth and current address of the spouse of the Bulgarian citizen. This application is not required if the American citizen has dual citizenship and is also a citizen of Bulgaria.

The validity of a marriage abroad does not depend on the presence of an American diplomatic or consular official but on the observance of the laws of the country in which the marriage is concluded. In general, legal marriages contracted abroad are also valid in the United States.

Inquiries regarding the validity of an overseas marriage are directed to the Attorney General of the state in the United States where you live or intend to live. After receiving the apostille on the marriage certificate which was issued by the Bulgarian authorities in the hall for civil weddings, the Bulgarian marriage certificate (with a certified English translation) can be presented to the US authorities as proof of legal marriage.

Bulgarian Marriage Websites

The best and proven way to meet adorable mail order brides from Bulgaria is to use one of the top dating sites:

  1. Sladur.com;
  2. Loveawake.com;
  3. InternationalCupid.com.

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