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Interesting Wedding Traditions In The World

June 21, 2018
Interesting Wedding Traditions In The World

In the geography, culture, religious beliefs and political structure affected by the traditions of weddings, the world shows great differences. You won’t even believe your eyes when you read some interesting customs. Do you think those who swear to the groom, dirty the Bride and then roam in the middle of the street? In fact, wherever in the world it is interesting that behind all these traditions is the wish to establish marriages on sound foundations. Let’s look at the interesting traditions of marriage in other countries together.

Indian Wedding Traditions

We can say that India, which is under the influence of religious traditions with its caste and colonialism system in its past, is therefore a diversified wedding period. In India, we see that weddings are made up of three parts. Part One consists of wedding preparations and parties before the wedding. At these parties, the bride is mingling with the groom’s relatives. In these parties, which may correspond to henna night, the bride’s hands and feet are burned with the so-called “medhndi” and dances accompanied by songs peculiar to India. The second part consists of the wedding day where the groom was welcomed by his mother-in-law. After the groom’s feet are washed on the wedding day, he is offered honey and milk. The groom is held responsible for the special dress called “Sari” that the bride will wear on the wedding day. The Indian Brides who are bound to their traditions wear the clothes that are made of this abundant embroidered fabric instead of the White Wedding Dresses that we know.

The third part of the wedding is the fire dance of the Bride and groom. The Bride and groom turn four times and run towards their tables around the sacred fire that was burned at the wedding site. According to the belief, whoever sits on the table first, will say his word in the house.

Interesting Wedding Traditions In The World


Chinese Wedding Traditions

Astrology is a source of reference in China‘s wedding traditions. The groom’s family goes to an astrological specialist and receives his views on the couple who wants to marry. An expert prepares a Horoscope and presents it to the groom’s family. If the groom’s family accepts this Horoscope, the bride will send it to the bride’s family and ask them to do the same. Before the wedding, a number of gifts are sent to the bride’s family and tea has an important place among these gifts. Since the bride is the symbol of luck and happiness at the wedding, she wears red clothes, red shoes and covers red veil. Today, there are also Brides wearing white skirts. The bride who leaves the house expresses her devotion to her family by crying. The wedding ceremony begins with the bride’s arrival to the groom’s house.

According to the traditions of marriage in China, before the wedding, the groom prepares the marriage bed and puts on various fruits and nuts, such as orange, pistachio. The little children of the family sit on this bed. The more children on the bed, the more fertility is believed to symbolize. Bridesmaid, the bride’s Horoscope compatible with the year of birth is chosen from people.

In wedding traditions, couples have ceremonies of loyalty to each other, to heaven, to earth, to mother and father. After the newly married couple enters the necklace, they cut a pinch of each other’s hair and store it for life as a souvenir. 7 of the lunar calendar in China. on the last 15 days of the month, it is considered sinister to marry because the gates of hell are believed to be opened and the lost souls are freed.

Interesting Wedding Traditions In The World



African Wedding Traditions

Africa is the second largest continent in the world that hosts very interesting marriage traditions. In some parts of the continent, the bridegroom candidate will give money and peanuts to their daughters if the girl’s family accepts the offer after asking for her family. Bride-to-wife divides the chick with the groom first. Then, a piece of peanuts are given to the people who help the couple unite. This also means a marriage invitation to relatives, neighbours, spouses and friends.

On the wedding day, the Bride and groom fulfill the tradition of jumping from the broom to the time of slavery in the past. This tradition marks the beginning of a new life for the couple to leave behind by sweeping all the evils of the past. At the modern wedding ceremonies of Africa, the Bride and groom commemorate their ancestors and continue the tradition of jumping over a bush broom adorned with various tulips and ribbons.

Interesting Wedding Traditions In The World


Interesting Wedding Traditions Of The Russians

In Russia, the Bride and groom, unlike ours, wear their wedding rings on the ring finger of their right hand at the wedding ceremony. If a person wears his wedding ring on his left hand, it means he was married or lost his wife.

The wedding nut is an interesting and traditional ritual of the Russians. A woman with a happy marriage and lots of children kneads the dough of the nut, which is specially cooked and has a symbol of love, the snowball tree icon. On the wedding day, the groom and the bride bite from the nut. It is assumed that the most biting person will be the head of the family.

One of the interesting traditions of the Russians is that when the groom comes to the bride’s house with his friends, the bride waits with her girlfriends and the girls interrupt the groom’s way and ask him for money with a joke. In addition to this, Russian bridegroom at weddings is subject to a number of fun tests. In these tests, the groom is expected to announce his love to the bride in the midst of everyone, to dance or sing.


Interesting Wedding Traditions In The World


German Wedding Traditions
Guests coming to the wedding ceremony in Germany are the piri serperler of the Bride and groom. It is believed that the bride will have children as much as the rice grain remaining in her hair. At the end of the ceremony the Bride and groom cut a log together. This means that they will overcome the difficulties they face during their marriage together.

Italian Wedding Traditions
In Italy, it is believed that marrying on Sundays will bring Double luck. The ritual of the Bride and groom coming to the chapel and throwing a knot is also interesting. At the wedding ceremony, guests are expected to perform a traditional dance in Southern Italy called the Tarantelle. In this way, it is believed that plenty and abundance will come to the nest of the new couple. The bed the Bride and groom will share is made by two girls who are not married before the wedding.

Wedding Traditions In Bosnia And Herzegovina
In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the bride-groom is invited to dine at the house and the elders of the family and marriage is discussed. After making a decision about the groom’s family elders, coffee is served. Sweetened coffee means that the groom’s candidate is eligible for marriage and the plain coffee means that the groom’s candidate is rejected.

Pakistan Wedding Traditions
In Pakistan, the groom’s candidate takes a difficult test by her daughter‘s family members. This test is based on the fact that the family elders humiliate and curse the groom candidate and that the groom candidate is too cold to bear all this. The young man who passed the exam gets a successful marriage permit.


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