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Will the age difference end the marriage?

July 17, 2018
Will the age difference end the marriage

Professor Of Neurology We asked Mehmet Yavuz about how the marriage continued if older men married women at a very young age, and what they were unable to do in this process. Here are answers…

Will the age difference end the marriage

Does marriage continue when a man is older than a woman?
There is a very large gap between the male and female age difference may not be a problem between the couples in the first place. When men and women fall in love with each other, their eyes do not see anything else, so they may not know what kind of problems they will face in the later stages of the relationship. Despite the age difference between them, they think that their relationship will not be a problem, because they are in love, and it is hard to believe in any other form. However, love is a feeling in which love is blended with pain, and in our heart is enriched. Love is a special and beautiful joke that our brains offer to our body and it is hard to live a lifetime.

How would it take to get married like this?
When the first excitement is passed, it is important what couples approach to each other when self-centered feelings, which are the reality of human nature, begin to emerge. At this point, it is not biological but psychological maturity level that determines whether or not the marriage will continue. However, if both sides are ready to confront the disadvantages of the age difference and make sacrifices when the time comes, the marriage may continue in these circumstances. What will keep the marriage alive is the compatibility capacity of couples rather than the age difference.

Are these kind of marriages over? How long after it’s over?
The difference between the generation and the emotional satisfaction expected to experience in marriage when the self is at the forefront is hardly possible in the relationship between old men and young women. Because of the difference in generation, the way couples are raised is different, so the perspectives on life are different. When they have children, both parties want to raise their children according to their own way of thinking. Women are more likely to live a life that is more social than men, because their physical activity is reduced as they continue to get older. Premature ejaculation is defined as a condition in which the male ejaculates at least once during a period of time, or when the male ejaculates at least once during a period of time. This thought can invite a performance anxiety called fear of failure in men.
In fact, in such marriages with both generation difference and bencerkezci feelings, couples have difficulty in adapting to each other and in time they become alienated to each other. As a result of all this, they live in separate lives or get divorced in the same house. Sometimes the parties who can’t find the happiness they seek in marriage can deceive their wives.

What are the expectations and what should be or should not be?
Each person has a different character, level of education, perspective on life. In order to ensure that differences are not a problem in the future, the Parties should accept each other as they are and should not try to change each other. The important thing is that there are more similarities in marriage. Couples can marry 70-80 percent of their relationships if they have the first adjustment and the problems that are likely to occur in the future.

What should you do or not do if you were married like this?
To avoid monotonous relationship, you need to think of marriage as a living flower and feed it all the time. For a healthy and happy draw couples need to find common points and bring them to the fore. In order to improve team and team friendship as well as Life friendships, it supports marriage in which both parties would be happy to have common pleasures in various sports or Arts. Despite the age difference, couples who know how to communicate, share and empathize as much as possible can take a long time to get together. Well-communicated couples can learn each other’s desires and desires, deficiencies. Trying to build empathy issues developing the habit of looking through many windows leads couples to a more restorative and forgiving attitude. Happiness should not be a goal because happiness is a long journey.

What should be the ideal age difference between men and women?
Men older than women are preferred in both sides. Studies have shown that men should be 5-6 years older than women in order to draw a happy one. This age difference can be a maximum of 10 years, but when the relationship is over 10 years, conflicts start to be viewed differently by society as well. In marriages, two different people between the couples share the same life, while it is already very difficult to establish an order, the gap between the two age differences make the situation more difficult. This age difference may resemble the relationship between father and daughter in time. Like the father of a man’s house, the woman who gives it as continuously as the child of the house is always in the state of space.

Which is the more difficult woman or the older man? Do they both have difficulties, or what are they?
The expectations of young people, whether they are women or men, are different from life and relationships, and as the age progresses, wishes and expectations change. When requests are different, it becomes difficult for both parties to maintain a healthy relationship. It’s like two people seeing different things from the same window. When people with a generational difference come together, problems are inevitable. A 25-year-old woman and a 50-year-old man begin to share the same life after a certain point in the relationship becomes worn. The young woman wants to have fun and to maintain a more active lifestyle, while the young man wants to sit at home and read books or watch television. The more natural a man has seen and experienced, the more calmer life he prefers, the more natural a woman wants to live a more active life. In fact, both sides want to experience their own nature. Under these circumstances, it is very difficult for them to adapt to each other.

Healthy marriages are the most robust dynamics of a society. For this reason, a regular, successful life and healthy, long relationships to live in need of psychological support should not be avoided.

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